Need Help Setting Timing, 93 Mustang

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  1. Hey guys, i recently pulled my car out of storage and im trying to check my timing to make sure its correct. First off the car is a 93 gt, but it has had a carb'd 351w put in before i bought the car. Every guide online tells me to either pull the spout or remove the vacuum line that runs to the distributor when checking the timing with a light. I cannot find a spout and it definitely doesn't have the vacuum line running to the distributor. Any ideas what could be going on guys, im not sure what all they did during the swap.
  2. Let me guess: you bought the car from someone else and didn't do any of the work we see...
    The wiring looks like a commercial for a girl with frizzy hair - an explosion in a mattress factory. No telling what has been done or how it is wired.

    It looks like someone cheaped out and used a EFI distributor. There is no mechanical advance, and no way to advance the ignition timing without a computer. The ignition timing is set at the base setting and never advances. Locked timing is costing you performance and economy.

    You're going to get to make a tour of the online auto parts store catalogs and find a truck distributor for a 351 made before 1986. It will be a unit designed to work with the DuraSpark ignition that originally came on Ford trucks. It will have an electronic pickup and a mechanical advance and a vacuum advance.

    DuraSpark II ignition diagram:

    Diagram courtesy of /
    See for more help.
  3. Please provide a pic of the harmonic damper. The forward most box resembles one used for a mag pickup/trigger.
  4. So my timing should be looked right now, i put a timing light on it last night and revved the engine at the same time and the timing marks seem to be moving when doing so. Does this not mean that it is advancing on its on?
  5. If you have no advance I am pretty sure it shouldn't be moving.