>>>NEED Help shipping a GT front bumper<<<

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by STANG2DIE42003, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. Hello I need help on shipping a front GT bumper dose anyone know what size box I would have to use also where I maybe able to find a box to ship the bumper if anyone has done this before please help me out I will be really grateful thanks :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:
  2. I bought two lamp boxes from U-Haul, put them together and stuffed it with paper and foam. Shipped it via UPS and it was around 35.00 for ground.
  3. >>>Thanks So Much <<<<

    thank you so much for your help I really need to ship this out soon I guess I will go to my local u-haul and get the two boxes thanks again for your help God bless
  4. Damn, and I have been doing this the hard way!!! How much did those boxes cost??

    hell, you should see the contraction I boxed up!!! Taped on wrapped up cardboard, looks like a beast. I'm going straight to u haul!