Need help tuning AEM

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  1. A few days ago I loaded the base startup tune from AEM. I configured it to use the correct sensors, and after some tweaking I got it to idle and drive pretty decent. It was down on power, but it ran smooth.

    I didn't have the load breakpoints set right so it was showing 10 PSI as max load. So today I reconfigured it so 0 PSI is max since I'm NA, that was the only change I made. It ran, barely, and it was showing 8 - 9 AFR as I was driving around and it was missing really bad. I did some more tweaking and got it to idle good, tho it's still at 11.5 AFR at idle. I also got it back to 11-12 AFR while driving, but it's still missing really bad.

    Now it's missing and sputtering, and at low rpms under load it was popping. Also, when I take off now it doesn't want to rev for a few seconds. It's like I hit the gas and it starts to die.

    I'm thinking I've got something screwed up in the fuel and timing tables, but I'm not sure where at yet. I'll post some screenshots of the tables later tonight.

    Keep in mind these are very rough right now.
    Fuel, displayed in duty cycle. The red area is where it likes to idle.

  2. Well I got some of the off idle hesitation taken care of. I had the fuel cut down too much in the upper load cells. I also turned the timing down some and it's missing and popping less, but it's still doing it. My afr is still in the mid 10's at idle and bounces between 10.5 to 12 while driving.

    I'll be picking up a DC/AC power inverter tomorrow. My laptop is only giving me about 40 minutes on a charge right now. :(

    I'll attach my latest data log in case anybody wants to look at it. The log viewer installs with AEM Pro, which is a free download on AEM's website.
  3. Mike, I have to find the V1.19 firmware and download it as it got wiped out of my computer. Once I find it I can help you but I've been looking on the AEM site now for an hour and can't find it.
  4. Paul, I believe what you are looking for is here
  5. Yeah I searched for the firmware for a while and couldn't find it either. :shrug: My AEM already has the 1.19 firmware so I didn't worry too much about it. The software that toyman posted is what you need. :)
  6. This is a good thread for me..

    I've been trying to figure out if I want the AEM or the AFM PMS and would love to see how it works for you guys...

    They will basically be the same price, because I'll need a new MAF with the PMS or if I buy the AEM I'll run in speed density....
  7. I made some more progress last night. It's running smoother and I've got a lot of the popping and missing worked out. Now I have a problem with horrible throttle response on shifts. I believe this is the tip-in retard on the stock ecu, but that shouldn't be in the AEM... What should I adjust to fix that?

    Here's my latest data log.
  8. Mike, I will definitely be asking you for advice on this software in the near future, as I'm running the same tuning system. How much of the problems have you kinked out and how in depth have you become with the overall program?

    It looks like a nightmare to me, but I'm still a little excited to dig in
  9. Ask Paul (Killercanary), too. He's running the AEM on the yellow car.