Need Help Tuning My ride..


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Apr 23, 2009
I Have a 94 Mustang GT 302, put her away last fall and she was in excellent running condition, took her out this spring, and still was running strong. Two weeks after I took her out of the garage, she started sputtering at full throttle. If I gently roll into her she will have power across the RPM range, but once I give her the boot, she falls flat on her face. Feels like a cylinder isnt firing. However when sitting at a red light, I can rev her up and she will roar. But when I take off, shes struggling for power. Some of the things that I have tuned, plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotor, ignition coil, fuel filter, and air filter. Ive cleaned both the MAF and the the TPS, and double checked the fuel filter, because I did that one in the fall before I put her away. I also read that it could have been bad gas, so I ran her down to a quarter tank and filled her up again and drove a while, just yesterday, and still nothing has changed , once I get above 2500 and start to push her she starts sputtering, if anyone knows how to treat this, or has a mind to help me out please do, I enjoy driving this car and both of my others but when they arent right Im not right. If you all can understand, thank you

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Dec 17, 2003
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mine does some similar things with the sputteringmine does it right off line and on the interstate at high speeds I notice a little sputter. almost like its loading up a little. I've had a problem busting injuctor nipples with mine. after I totaled it It sat for about a month and skipped bad all that stuff. I grabbed the injectors and turned them back and forth a few times and it suddenly cleared up. I don't know why guess it was just a fluke but I'd also like to hear a real world anwser to this problem.


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Apr 23, 2009
Well next on my plate is to check the fuel pressure, to see if she getting enough fuel when rolling into her and at full throttlle, after that, Im thinking fuel injectors, and if that doesnt do it, Im going to rip my exhaust off and see if I have a clogged CAT. If none of these prove to solve the problem, Im thinking Ive got some fried rings. But just like you, Im hoping someone knows what this is and knows the way to fix it. So Ill keep trying and maybe someone will come along and help us out.

Matt 94 GT
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