Need Help Tuning V3 Super Charger High Output

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  1. Hi guys, just picked up a 95 5.o and love it. Guy i bought it from just put in a v3 super charger with a t rex fuel pump and fmu supplied with v3 kit. He did a great job installing and also installed a mallory hyfire v1 ignition controler and boost and air fuel gauges to keep an eye on the power. Only problem is its stock injectors and i think they are 24lb stock but correct me if im wrong. But im leaning out under boost and poppin and spittin cause of lack of tuning, is it possible to put bigger injectors in and adjust fuel pressure fmu and be good or do i need to pay a dyno shop my first born and arm and leg? Any help would be appreciated thank you.
  2. Stock injectors on a '95 GT would be 19's; it was the Cobras that came with 24's. No, you cannot just put bigger injectors in and adjust fuel pressure to make it work; you are going to need to have the car tuned. You can either do this on your own or you can pay a shop to do it for you. The first thing I would do is get rid of the FMU and the T Rex and upgrade your in-tank fuel pump to a Walbro or equivalent high output pump and also upgrade those injectors. Then figure out which way you want to go as far as tuning. For now, stay out of boost or don't drive the car at all until you get things ironed out. Running lean is a great way to blow your engine.
  3. There should be a 255LPH pump in the tank from the kit.
    The FMU's are crap.

    You will need 42lb injectors. 250-500
    Maf caled for 42lb (depends on your tuning software) 150-250
    Custom chip / dyno tune. 400-1000

    Total balpark on the prices.
    I use 42's SCT MAF and SCT chip, I custom tune my own car. either way it is going to cost you 1k+

    If you dont plan on doing many other mod's I would let a shop do it.