Need Help, Wheel Bearings And Axial Movement??

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by TheViking, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. I had a loud rumbling noise in my rear axle, after jacking the car up i had movement in the bearings, and also some axial movement.

    I have changed the bearings and seals, but to me it seems to be alot of axial movement. Is there supposed to be any movement at all??

    I have not filled it with oil yet.

    The car is a 05 GT with 70000km on it.
  2. Were the axles smooth, or was there an indentation where the bearing rides? On my Fox Body Mustang, there was an indentation where the bearing dug into the axle (had about 160,000 to 180,000 miles at the time). Had to replace axle too. But my 06 GT is at 170,000 miles and seems to be fine. Haven't looked, but did try to move them up and down. No movement.
  3. Both of the axles were fine, no wearmarks on either of them or on the C' clip.

    I am used to on my previous cars, that the axles are locked on place by a plate on the outer side of the bearing, so i have never seen any clearance as this.

    The old bearings had movement up and down, but the new ones had just as little as you can expect from roller bearings.
  4. Sorry, I am a little slow. I did not process the axial movement correctly. Wear on the axles should not affect that movement. So my question on that means nothing. I'm not sure how much should be there. If no one answers and I can make time, I'll verify mine. But mine has 171,000 miles, so I'm not sure how good what I find will be. I guess if it doesn't have much it implies you have a problem. If I do have movement and no noise perhaps the noise comes from somewhere else. Anyhow, I'll follow this and if needed I'll try to check mine Saturday.