Need Help With Borgeson On My 68

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  1. Im shopping around for a borgeson set up, but they range from 500$ to 1200$. Can somebody help me to choose the best and cheapest. And how difficult is it to install? Any helpfull tips to install smoothly,.

  2. My transmission is a t5
  3. from what i can tell so far with my 69 it is going to be a simple fit , i bought the whole kit .transmission will not be a problem.i was told the manual clutch release/ z bar will not work unless you use the hi po or the one for the Boss 302 with a manual trans. 67 -70 is the same kit they are a little simpler to install as the steering shaft can be slid up inside to make up the diff. in length of the box
  4. I need to change out the z bar linkage? Do you have a trusted source to buy a borgeson kit?
  5. Can i use cable setup for release, since i have a foxbody bellhousing
  6. i was told the cable will work
  7. if you are replacing a power steering system, you can buy just the borgeson steering box and piece together the rest of the system, mostly just the hoses and the rag joint. the install is fairly easy overall since oyu dont have to modify your steering column. as for where to buy the borgeson box, try borgeson themselves.
  8. I dont have power steering
  9. the borgeson box is power . the hoses run directly into the box. the kit comes with the pump hoses and brackets. _MG_3317.JPG
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  10. then you are totally screwed. send my your car and all your parts and i will dispose of them for you.:rlaugh::rlaugh:

    since you dont have power steering, you have a few options;

    1: you can search up the original power steering bracketry, either from a salvage yard or new or used parts source like npd or autokrafters.

    2: you can grab the power steering brackets from a later model engine of the same design, ie if you have a 289, grab some brackets from a later model 302, and use those with any needed modifications

    3: you can buy the complete power steering kit from borgeson which includes the power steering pump and brackets to mount it, as well as hoses and all the other little bits and pieces you need to install them on your car.
  11. What im asking is my steering linkage the same as a power steering linkage?
  12. no,manual is different than power linkage
  13. for a 68 he can use a control valve eliminator that is available from a number of mustang parts suppliers.