Engine Need help with fox body code results.


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Feb 6, 2020
North Carolina
I've just recently bought a 1989 GT and it definitely wasn't running right at all but so far I've replaced the ECU (the C3W1 that was in it had a burnt check engine and sigrtn) and tps sensor and a set of headers. It is running okay now and not shuddering anymore however its still not quite right so I dumped the codes these are what I got: KOEO: 22 (BAP Sensor Failure), 85 (Canister Purge solenoid failure) and KOER: 12 (IAC not controlling idle properly), 94/44 (Air system inoperative), 33 (Insufficient EGR flow detected). When i got the headers installed the guy offered to do some smog removal/ bypass stuff and just bypassed the smogpump with a shorter belt and now I cant seem to find the four vacuum connection plug where the EGR would've plugged into. However he did seem to cap the correct things off but I would like to have a functioning EGR and to get rid of code 33 so what would my options be for that? As far as code 22 goes i dont really have the correct tools to test if the BAP sensor is good or not as ive heard that it cant be tested with a regular multimeter so should i just replace it? And for code 12 IAC not controlling idle properly, the car does idle pretty funny and it does have a bad hanging idle at times so what would my options be there? I'm also assuming the rest of the smog related codes are due to him removing a bunch of it? Sorry if my formatting or spelling seems off this is my first post. Thanks in advance for any help.
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