Need help with Granada Brake swap

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  1. I am about to finally install this swap on my '67 Fastback, but I need to finalize on a couple of needed parts.

    So far, I have the spindles, rotors, pads, calipers, hoses, correct master cylinder. At first I was going to stay with manual brakes, but I am thinking it might be a smart move for the Booster setup.

    About power brakes retrofitting: Should I get the correct pedal assembly or that bracket conversion kit that is offered? Also, what kind of booster should I get? (runs a 260h cam).

    Missing parts: I need the Granada prop valve (the gold thing under the MC) or could I make do with a willwood prop valve instead?

    Another big missing piece is that I need to get the rotors snout turned down to clear the original 14" steel styled rims (I hope the rotors physical size wont be a problem). I need a hook up in the Los Angeles area for this! Anyone?

    End links: I've heard contradictory statements about needing this. Do '67 V-8 factory cars require purchasing Granada end link kits? How about the GT-350 kit that Sac. Mustang sells?

    Conclusion: If I've seen to miss anything, please let me know. I am trying to make this swap go as smooth as possible. I think I;ve found a guy to perform this swap for me, but if anyone has a good contact for such a job in the L.A. area.....please tell me!

    Thank you for reading it this far

  2. BUMP

    Still in the same situation!
  3. You shouldn't need the Granada prop valve, I did this swap back in the 80's and went from 4 drums to 4 discs, and never changed the 67 Stang prop valve. The 14 inch wheels should fit, as long as they're disc brake wheels. Some of the older drum brake wheels don't work with discs. Something about the back space is different.Use the Granada tie rod. I stayed with manual discs with mine but used a 71 Galaxie master cylinder, it had a larger bore ( 1 1/16 vs 7/8) and was a manual application master cylinder, and had the lines hooked up the sama as the Stangs
  4. Granada Proportioning Valve


    I just happened to pull a Granada proportioning valve this week. A guy at the yard told me he thought everything was there, but all that was left was the valve. I struck out on the spindles, etc. I went ahead and got the valve anyway.

    I am new to this forum setup, so if you're interested in the valve, the best way to contact me until I get used to it is at [email protected].