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  1. Hi All, My son and I are on working on a V6, 95 Mustang. He had ordered after market tail lights for it and they were garbage so we found a set of 94 tail lights at a U Pull-it here with the 3 lenses. On the 95 the outside plug was just for running lights but it didn't look right with the 3 lenses to not have all 3 lights working with the turn signals, flashers and brake lights. We cut the light sockets from the 94 and I cut the small bulb socket out of the original wiring and installed the larger socket so all 3 lights worked for everything. I wired all the tail lights up after tracing everything, and all was well. All of a sudden smoke blew out of the steering column by the multi-function switch. I pulled everything down to the bare steering column and pulled the switch out. I got continuity on some of the pins and none on others following the pin configuration in the Hayes Repair Manual. Also the key switch we already knew was bad so I replaced the key switch while I had it all apart. I pulled the plugs on the ignition switch and tested for continuity according to the book and had no continuity on the pin-out in the off and lock positions. We ended up replacing the key switch, multi-function switch and the ignition switch. I forgot to mention that the former owners had jury rigged wiring under the dash, with multiple butt connectors because they had added on removed multiple electronics to the car. I put everything in but didn't put any of the dash back together just in case I had a problem. I'm glad I did that because NOW I have ANOTHER problem. We started the car up and all was good but when I went around back all the lights were flashing. My son said he couldn't get the lights to stop flashing. I looked on the dash and only the left arrow was flashing with the switch in neutral. A pin, the #1 pin had pushed out when I plugged in the connector. I finally got the pin in but I can't figure out why all the lights are flashing including the halo's in the new headlights we installed. Does anyone have any idea's on what it might it be?? What could I have done wrong? Did I miss something in reinstalling everything. I checked all the connections and everything is right that I can see. Would it be possible for a bad ground to cause this? Could it be the connector? I really don't want to have to replace the connector because there is absolutely no room to cut and reconnect the wires running through the top of the steering column. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks everyone in advance for your help. `
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  3. the only thing that i can think of off the top of my head after reading this is that somehow the first driver had alot of the wires rigged and now when you go to put in new head and tail lights a puff of smoke comes from steering column and now they flash while the car is running, then i guess that somewhere the emergency flasher lights got connected to your lights but to be truthful i real don't understand alot of what went wrong with your car, too much too read and follow.
  4. Sorry, long story short after replacing the key switch, ignition switch and multifunction switch, when the car is started, all the exterior lights with the exception of the headlights themselves flash as though the flashers were on, and the only way to get them to stop is to shut off the car.
  5. well too me it sounds like a wire must have been crossed with the emergency lights when doing all this work because the emergency flasher button is ontop of the steering column so if you back track from there you should be able to track the wires down and make sure they didn't get connected to the tailights.
  6. did you ck volt / amp ratings for the relays ? adding more draw than rated can whack them and maybe a simple relay replacemant would work there.. ?