Need Help With Mustang Just Dieing .

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  1. not all the time , but just when ever it feels like it and some times back to back it just drops off. I can just shut the key off and right back on and it starts up like nothing ever happen . Til it feels like doing it again...
    WTF ????
    its a 91 mustang gt 5.0
    5 speed , it came out this way.

    NEW parts

    its has a new A9L
    starter relay
    255 lph fuel pump
    fuel relay
    eec relay
    mass air
    upper and lower intake gaskets
    tappit gaskets

    check all the fuse links and fuses
    40 pds at fpr

    so . got any ideas ????????????????????
  2. Yes, pull all your codes. KOEO, KOER, and cylinder balance test.

    Report back with your codes
  3. 21 - Engine Coolant Temperature, ECT Sensor Out Of Self Test Range. 0.3 volts (250°F) to 3.7 volts (50°F)(O,R)

    44 - Secondary Air System Inoperative. bank one, passenger side (R)

    34 - EGR Valve Position/Pressure Feedback EGR Voltage Above Closed Limit (O,R), PFE or EVP circuit has intermittently failed above the closed limit of 0.67 volts (M)

    13 - RPM Not Within Self Test Lower Limit (R), DC Motor Did Not Move (O,M,R), Idle Speed Control motor or Air Bypass not controlling idle properly -generally idle too high

    85 - CANP Circuit Failure (O)

    and i forgot , I put new O2 's in yesterday.
  4. canp not even on the car
  5. cylinder balance test.

    1. 153 6. 148
    2. 130 7. 154
    3. 150 8. 152
    4. 153
    5. 148
    this is still a stock 91 short block.
  6. Thats not a cylinder balance test, but a compression test that shows number two is a little weak
  7. Looks like you need to start from square one and clear all codes to reset computer, do a base idle reset, the rerun your codes
  8. I know what it is , just thought it might help . my car stoped doing the test today for some reason , i mean the enj light comes on when i start it but never lights up on the test cycle like it should ... this just started like 15 mins ago .
  9. Sounds like a bad ground. Check all your grounds and clean them all up. One loose or corroded ground can wreak havoc on this cars
  10. Not to sound like the grammar nazi, but wtf is it lately with newbs who can't form a sentence or spell? When you do the KOEO test the car needs to be at operating temperature. As Mad said, go back. clear the codes- disconnect the battery for 20 minutes and turn the lights on- then reconnect the battery. Warm the car up then run the tests.

    Report back what the results are and be polite and you'll be amazed at the help you will get.
  11. I can spell, but i probably have one of the higher typo ratings because Im primarily on my phone with the teenie weenie screenie
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  12. got all new grounds , bat to frame one from passager frame side to enj and one from driver side enj to starter solenoid and frame and one from rear enj to fire wall. O bat is in the rear hatch , it is going to the frame back there also.
  13. Still have the eec ground? From factory its mounted beside the solenoid
  14. yes , it has one split into 2 , one is on the fender apron and the other one is grounded to the frame driver side.
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  16. i get nothing when i try clicking on the pic thingy you posted.
  17. Damn rookies
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  19. Games about to start
  20. ive been messing with this problem for about a month now , i just cant figure it out ...