need help! with my 60 f-100!!bad!

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  1. hey guys i just bought a 60 f-100 stepside with a strait 6.. i also bought a 351 and a t-5 trans .. thinking it was a common swap and parts wouldnt be to hard to find....I CANT FIND MOTOR MOUNTS! anyware... somone has to make these right??? ino people have put 302 351's in these old trucks to hotrod em just having no luck finding motor mounts..can anyone give me any info or point me in the right direction?!
    p.s it a windsor...
    thanks all in advance... would this be the right forum for this by the way?
  2. Are you just trying to get regular motor mounts for the 351? If so then Napa should carry them.. And there are a number of aftermarket but if its just an old truck like that Idk if you really care about something aftermarket.
  3. Have you checked LMC Trucks? They have parts for everything.
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