need help with my 93 2.3l

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  1. can anyone tell me the proper way to get the passenger side window motor out? it has rivets that i'm not sure about removing. the glass is all the way down, and it is NOT wanting to move either. also, i have replaced the fuel filter, PCV valve, and other rubber lines, but still have a smell of gasoline. what can be causing it? put a new muffler and tailpipe on too. this little car runs great, but it seems to be a pain in the butt with minor stuff. Help please!:confused:
  2. You have to drill out the rivets, unfortunately. I replace them with bolts because rivets suck :)

    Once you remove the motor you should be able to raise the window up and out of the way. I always use tape to hold it up while I reinstall. If you use duct tape make sure you have some goo gone to get rid of the residue.

    The gasoline smell could be coming from several areas. The rubber gasket that goes between the filler neck often dry-rots and needs to be replaced, the seal around the fuel pump can also go bad. Is the smell actually raw gas or is it exhaust fumes? These cars don't smell good on a cold start from my experience.

    If you are leaking gas, the only way to tell is to look over the whole fuel system from the injectors to the gas tank and find the leak.
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  3. thank you! i was pretty sure about the stupid rivets. is it a good idea to buy the replacement from auto zone, or you do recommend a place?
  4. I think that Autozone is fine for the window motors. Pretty much going to be the same at any parts store. I actually don't even know that you can buy OEM window motors for these cars anymore, you would have to call a Ford dealer most likely. I imagine that they are obsolete and no longer available though.