Electrical Need Help With My 95 Gt

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  1. Well I threw in the towel and took the car to a mechanic looks like I have a dead injector. I left it there going to have all 8 replaced while he is fixing it. I'm just getting stock replacements from advanced auto.
  2. Bump. Keep us updated on the project.
  3. Got all the injectors replaced and it helped but the car is still pinging at WOT. Also when cruzing around 55 at 1500 rpms im not sure if the car is missing or the trans is slipping if you watch the rpms the slightly drop some when it acts up. Also not sure about this but at night you can see some light comming from the plug boot also you hold the plug wire you can see it light up were you are touching it. The wires have around 500 miles if that on them and they are ford racing. As far as the ringing im going to take the autolight 24 and put back in oem motorcraft plugs since i don't think it was pinging before i swayed them out. Im just about at my wits end with this car
  4. There's the source of the problem. There must NEVER be any arcing. My guess is either the wire(s) or boot(s) are damaged (contact with the header probably). If you see light there is an internal break in the wire core.
  5. Thanks my wife had talked to ford racing and told us to try using more dielectric grease. We got the wires from late model restoration and they told us to try what ford racing said and let them know and if it was still acting up to let them know and they would get us another set or we can pay the extra and get some msd wires so we will be calling today to see about swapping the wires out. Would the plug wires arcing cause the pinging or what im thinking is missing also wouldn't I get shocked when grabbing the wires? Thanks
  6. Definitely a miss. If the wires are good you shouldn't get a shock but as a general rule I tend not to grab the wires when the car is running.
  7. Just an update I got a new set of Ford racing wires and new oem motorcraft plugs. It seems like it helped but I'm still getting a miss at times mostly when cruising and the rpms are around 1300-1700 if I turn off od it does better but a few times I will do the same thing just not as bad. It doesn't do this all the time also when it's acting up it will ping at wot. I'm not sure if it's a transfer problem or if the pick up if acting up distributor is new but I'm thinking of throwing back in the stock one any ideas thanks
  8. Have the O2 sensors ever been replaced? They are only reliable to about 60k miles.
  9. Yep when I did the exhaust another 1500 miles ago. I'm not getting any codes and it only acts up every so often other than that it runs great
  10. Could my fule pump be causing my problems?
  11. Possibly. Have you checked for trouble codes? Losing fuel pressure might explain the pinging if the AFR is going lean due to a bad pump. That might result in an O2 code being logged.
  12. I will have to check again a know a few weeks ago there was no codes.
  13. Its been raining pretty much non stop so i haven't had a chance to check for codes so i thought I would do some research on fule pumps. What would y'all recommend for a stock 5.0? Also what is a good brand to go with if I have to go though the trouble of dropping the tank I want to put in a good pump i talked withh advanced auto and they can get Holly pumps just not sure the size I would need. I'm probably going to stay na for awhile also is there anything else I should do while the tank is out I was thinking maybe replace the sending unit since when I fill up it takes. Min for the gauge to go to f. Also I'm going to put my fule pressure gauge back on how much psi should I be showing I can't remember thanks.
  14. Since these cars have a return fuel line you really can't put in a pump that's too big. Walbro pumps are good. I would recommend you get a Walbro GSS340 - 255 lph pump. Fuel pressure KOEO 35-40 psi KOER 30-45 psi.
  15. Thanks for the info I was not sure if I put to big of a pump it would mess anything up. Seems like when I had the gauge on the last time I was getting in the 30s with the car running
  16. Ok i was able to get out today and mess with the car pulled codes KOEO I got 10 and 111 and KOER I got 212 and 111. For the fule psi I got KOEO 39-40 KOER I GOT 30-31 and when I would rev the motor it would go to around 40. Also when pulling codes my code reader shows the numbers and said the car was a 6 cylinder.
  17. After doing some research on that code and tinkering around I went on and swapped back in my original distributor and so far the car has been doing good. I'm going to take a good ride tomorrow and hopefully it won't give me any problems. If it can go for a few days I'm going to go return the distributor and try and get a new motorcraft one unless someone can suggest a better one i mainly want to have an extra one on hand.
  18. I haven't had good luck with aftermarket distributers. In fact I went through a couple aftermarket distributers before finally buying a motorcraft unit and it worked flawlessly.
  19. Were did you get it from? I haven't looked around yet or called the dealer.
  20. Well so far ive put about 75 miles and the car has done great. Ive been looking around and so far non of the parts houses carries motorcraft and the dealer cant get it either. im going to try and get by the junkyard and see if i can find a distributor and i will try rebuilding it unless someone can recommend a good new one. Im just happy the car is doing good and looks like i will get to take it to cruising the coast next weekend.