Need Help With New Rim/tires

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  1. I just bought a set of Saleen Style Rims R17 staggered for my 97 cobra. My cobra is lowered 1 1/2. The front fit just fine. The back, on the other hand, which are 10.5 width, are hitting up against my suspension on the driver side and against the suspension and exhaust on the passenger side. What do I need to get in order to place the wider tire on the back. I've heard of spacers but not sure exactly if that would work or if I would need anything in addition. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I added a couple of pics to see if that would help any.

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  2. You can flip the quads around, and maybe see if u can pull that pipe in (prolly not that much) and anchor it yourself, or have a shop do it.