Need Help With New Wheels

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  1. Cobra R 17x9, having big rubbing issues with the front struts, are the struts different on a 5.0 in diameter, or are the spindel setup different? All help is appreciated. thanks tires are 235/45/17 the wheels are on a 93 4 banger coupe.
  2. that's a wide wheel. I run a 17x8 with 235 45's and clear. I bet the backspacing has a lot to do with it. Only thing i can think of would be experiment with wheel spacers?
  3. The spindles and struts on the 5.0L is different I'm guessing :shrug: , because to swap in 5.0L brakes you need shims or 5.0L struts and the spindles off a 5.0L ( or a Tc I think) to make room for the bigger rotors. Also I put a set of ponys on my stock 93' four banger and they rub on the A-arms when turn to sharp, they make a limiter for these wheels and maybe it would help on you 17"s :shrug: . I hope that helps a hair atleast.

    Good Luck.
  4. Even the 5.0 guys can't run 17x9's on the front without severe rubbing. You should sell those and get 17x8's, and even then you might get some rubbing.

  5. one more thing!

    Thats even with the massive 275 width on all four corners! Just pick a more conventional size like 245 or 255 and you should be better. Just remember 40 for height! :nice:
  6. appreciate all the info, i'm thinking that i will have to upgrade to the 5.0 rotor, spindel, caliper, and i wont have as much of a rubbing issue...
  7. Mine Rub also, I just put them on my black stang that sits lower than my other one, and it rubs allot more on my struts. My car was stolen last week, and it was or looks like it was driven off road. So I can see a bit a damage under there.

    I think I'm going to look into getting a spacer like was mentioned. The guys at my tire shop said that they put some sort of limiter bracket on there also so it doesn't hit the A-arm.
  8. I picked up a set of 1/4 inch spacers from a local tire shop here, put them on all 4 and the rubbing problem has gone away....cost about 30 bux.