Need help with rear spoiler!

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  1. I have a 2002 3.8L Manual Mustang, and I was rear ended. My insurance company is taking care of my broken tail light, and my bumper. I figured I would use some of the left over money to pick up a spoiler, being that my mustang doesn't have one, so I did. I have a spoiler from a 2001 GT. They should be the same, since the car has the same body style, right? :shrug: Either way. I really don't want to measure it myself with a grease pencil or whatever, I'm just trying to find some measurements for the spoiler. I'm aware that underneath the trunk lid there are 2 small rubber plugs that cover up the holes where the spoiler bolts should go through, however these holes are nearly 2" in diameter, and a bolt is barely 1/4"... So I want to make sure that my holes are drilled in the EXACT correct spot. If anyone has any idea on the measurements or where to drill the holes, please let me know!
  2. I tried getting the same info for mounting a spoiler on my 94 but never got any replies back even after 75 views. So I went through some parking lots until I saw the right year, talked to the owner for a second and took two measurements. One from the back of the trunk lid to the back of the spoiler pedestal and one from the side of the pedestal to the edge of the trunk. I'm going to mount it today, pull it off then paint it this afternoon. My spoiler didn't come with any nuts, so I picked 4 up at the dealer for a couple of bucks, Right size and they have the rubber washer on them already.

  3. Installed a spoiler on my 2000 stang

    If I remember correctly it is 4 bolts total ( at least on the spoiler that I added )...underneath the trunk there are two circles on each side...I drilled up the center of one of those then maked the other 3 on the top of the trunk lid...if you tape the bolts a little you can set it down on the lid and not scratch anything...use a pencil to go around the outside of the bolts...the pencil marks can come right the end you end up with two of the drill holes right in the center of those circles...hope this helps!