Need help with sn95!


New Member
Dec 24, 2019
Braselton, GA
I’ve got a 96 gt that will crank but not start. I’ve already checked for spark and it’s getting spark. I’ve checked the fuel pump and it works fine. I even checked to see if the fuel rail was getting fuel and it is. I also tested the crank positioning sensor and it’s working as it should. The starter works fine too. The problem started one night when I tried starting it and it just barely started and ran terribly for about 2 seconds and shut off. I got it towed to my house and boosted the battery and it started right up. I successfully started it twice the next day and drive it to work with no issues, but I did notice the low oil light and low coolant light come on (both are filled correctly) but when I got home from work the problem occurred again that night. Cranks but won’t start. Whatever it is is intermittent and I’m lost as far as what else to check.
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