Fox Need Help With Stock 351w For 89 5.0

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  1. I was thinking the same thing. My expierience that's somewhere around low 300 rwhp range:shrug:
  2. Depends on the car. This is a full weight SN Cobra, not a stripped out Fox with drag suspension. It still should do better than 110mph. Just keep in mind what kind of car it is.

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  3. 12.6's, cant remember the cam specs off the top of my head Id have to find the cam card. The tune was still being worked on at the time. Was also the first time I had been to the track in about 3 years I'm sure my shifting was not the best.
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  4. Ahh I was thinking fox body. Carry on
  5. Here is the cam card its an FTI cam. On paper this combo should make a lot of power and I feel as though it does. Weight is just my big issue even though I have removed a lot ( rear seats, AC, have a tubular K member exc..) But I still need front runner wheels to go along w/ my Welds in the rear. 17X9 Cobra's are not the best for weight or ET's. Anyway here is the cam card and the rest of the specs of the engine are in my sig.

  6. Regardless of weight MPH to an extent tells the story when it comes to HP and it just doesn't add up... We aren't talking about apples to oranges here but a car that is lets say 200 lbs heavier may go .2 slower but will not trap 10 mph less.
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  7. Does seem to be underachieving. I would expect a few more mph/quicker times:shrug: Maybe short shifting? Needs a tune? Traction limitations will effect et but not mph so it's not that. Still it's making roughly 300-350 rwhp with 110 traps:chinHeavier wheels,car weight,and the drivers ability,etc will effect the et/mph also
  8. I agree completly, I remember with my old SN car going 12.0's @ 130 and the limit on the ET was from me being guilty of profiling w/ some 18" wheels. The car would blow the tires off, wouldn't 60' ever but still went 130 mph every single pass. That car at the time made a little over 500 rwhp and the mph backs that up.
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