Need help with the new search function

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  1. After a search, how can I see threads by the number of posts, and who was the last poster?

    How can I search for new posts since my last visit?

    I really don't like the new format unless I can still do these things.


  2. 1. Click on the check box in the search drop-down that says, "Search thread titles only"

    2. Click on, "What's New" under the COMMUNITY drop-down or Nav Bar
  3. The problem is, it just gives a list without the number of posts or who was the last poster so I can't tell if someone has replied unless I open up every thread. Any ideas?
  4. The only way I've found to do what I'm trying to is to make the thread a "watched" thread. I was just wondering if there's any way to do it using the search function.
  5. FastDriver

    I'm not exactly sure what you're looking at. When I click on the, "What's New" button, I see the following:

    It shows the views, replies, who posted last and how long ago that post was made as well as few other details of info and starts with the most recent unread post. What are you looking for that's not there?


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