Need Help with upgrade decisions!!!!

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  1. alright guys..did a compression test on my 1990 5.0 lx.with 165,000 miles....and all came out 155...which is very i have the distributor out, upper intake off ...and i plan to have the lower off and take off the replace all gaskets...
    Now heres the question....I want to get some upgrades but i have NO idea what to buy...i was looking for an intake, heads, headers, and maybe cam....but i dunno what to buy to match everything or if i put too much stuff on that my bottom end is gonna blow out..and i dont feel like rebuilding that right a begginner at this stuff...
    i want my car to have alot of torque and low end hp and torque...rather than high end...what do u suggest???
    and like im confused cause if you buy heads do u HAVE to replace your stock cam?? and will the heads fit with everythign else like headers, and the intake??
    i need help car is all apart and i want to do **** with it lol..considering the high miles but good compression results
  2. That is a good compression! You can upgrade your intake by porting the lower (paste the link in my signature for info & dynos) for a nice power/torque improvement across the rpm band, or you can go the whole H/C/I route which is much more expensive. How much money do you have to spend?
  3. well i got a decent amount but id idnt wanna spend too much..maybe like 1500-2000....i dont really wanna mess around with contacting ppl and all..i just wanna know what im buying online, and just have everything bolt on with no problems...should i just buy an intake? like the gt40? or get an intake, cam and heads also...?
  4. thats not enough of a budget for your afrs. The heads alone will eat up most of your budget. You should be looking more at some gt40s or thumpers
  5. are thumpers any good? direct bolt on my stock engine??
    and what about gt-40s?
  6. Thumper is a guy in Jacksonville, FL who ports stock E7 heads to flow 219 intake/155 exhaust cfm. GT40 or GT40P heads are good upgrade heads and flow just shy of 200cfm intake and about 130cfm exhaust. They can be found used from MANY sources. The P heads require specific headers that cost $200 or more.

    With those heads you can use a ported stock lower or a Cobra/Explorer intake to have a nice match for power.
  7. hmm ya know what...i dunno if i want to change my heads and ****....i need an answer here...If my compression test came out 155 for all u even think its necsarry to change the head gasket..and just leave them alone..and not mess with em..the car has 165,000 on it..i mean how lnog do ya think it will hold up yet??
    i think i just migh twanna get a gt40 intake and get a nice pair of shorty headers..that should give me some nice low end torque and hp gain huh
  8. Your rings and the valve seats are in GOOD condition to hold that kind of compression. The Cobra or Explorer would be less and make the same power as the GT40. I'd buy 1 5/8" long tubes and a new H or X pipe for headers.
  9. yea i wanted long tubes but i think thats a big install...
    i have an id need ones that fit an auto tranny..
    like is it easy? do i just remove the old headers and the new long tubes slide right in or is it alot more than that..
    so u dont think i need to replace my head gasket..just so its new? u think it will hold up for alot more miles yet..even with beating it???
  10. Long tubes are not a simple swap - most have to lossen one mount a jack the engine some, so maybe unequal shorties are best for you. Don't worry about the head gaskets as long as your not using nitrous. My car has 190,000+ miles and I beat on mine without a problem.
  11. i dont think i wanna mess with long tubes not into **** not going my way lol..
    im wanna get the gt40 manifold kit..with the lower and upper....what do u suggest is the best shorty headers to go with my car..for more low end than anything...and that have had good reviews with installing them
  12. sweet man thanks these are answers tha ti wanna hear thast good then i dont have to mess with my heads..ill leave em go...alli want is a sweet tune up on my car with new gaskets and alittle more power ya know..alittl emore neck snap haha...
  13. If you don't want to touch the heads or cam then I wouldn't bother with a GT40 intake. Your current upper intake is fine for your current long block (block, heads and cam). The big restriction is the factory lower intake manifold. tmoss offers an excellant ported low intake that will allow you to use everything else that is currently on your car and it barely costs more than a set of good underdrive pullies.

    Get a tmoss ported lower, Pro-M throttle body, C&L mass air, underdrives, a set of shorties, off road or high flow X or H pipe, cat back, 3.55 or 3.73 gears and a decent shifter and you will have literally all of the bolt-ons that are worth having. Bump your timing to 13/14 degress and hold on. And you will have plenty of money to go cruising around with.

    If you're feeling daring and want to crack the valve covers open you can install a set of 1.7 roller rockers for a couple of more ponies.

    A lot of parts are rated by users right here on Stangnet. Just click the "Reviews" tab at the top of any page here at Stangnet.
  14. whats the best pair of headers for low end torque hp??
    i want unequal cause i dont wanna have the spark plug problem with the equal..i want an easy install quality at any Unequal length shortys here..which ones out of all these brands has anyone seen produce the most low end torque/hp....and good fit..thanks
  15. Any header that produces low end torque now is probably going to choke your car once you do get heads. I don't see any header making more than a HP or two from eachother with a stock engine. I'm going with the FMS ceramic coated shorties. I have never heard anything bad about them, and they will fit the GT40Ps.
  16. With stock heads, 1 1/2" shorties are best. If your going to change heads later, then get 1 5/8" shorties.
  17. 1 1/2 huh....which brand...i want the most low end torque/hp..
    unequeal right...equals give trouble i hear
  18. Equals are a lttle harder to install sometimes as reported on these boards, but nothin like long tubes - do a search and see what you come up with. I like the single flange headers like the BBKs. Get the jet-hot or similar coating on the headers if you can afford it - ask about those options when you buy.

    Edit: OOPPSS - got that backwards huh Timmy!
  19. Un-equals are easier to install than equal lengths
  20. so bbk unequal's are the way to go?