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  1. Hey everyone,

    I hate to start another one of these threads but I really need some help in understanding what will be better for me in terms of a supercharger vs. turbo. To start, I have an 07 4.0l with the pony package. Upgrades so far are a K&N intake and bama tuner as far as "power" upgrades go. My future plans are headers, true duel exhaust, and gears.

    Sometime next spring/early summer I'd like to install either a super charger or turbo along with the above upgrades. My problem is all the information is so overwhelming I'm not sure I understand what I should do. What I would like is to gain around a 100+ rwhp while keeping everything safe. As far as I understand turbos are a little easier on the engine. My car is a dd and I just want to gain a respectable amount of power; basically turn it into a sleeper without going overboard.

    I would like to buy a complete kit that I can install myself that will have some options that will allow me to squeeze a little extra hp if I feel comfortable.

    I have read some information on x-chargers and that seems like the way to go if I want to go the supercharger rout.

    I'm a little lost with turbos though. I have seen a lot of discussion about this kit but I know there are a lot more options out there.

    Any help would be appreciated!!
    Thank you!

  2. Decided on a turbo