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  1. Hi guys I am having a problem with my 88 four cylinder manual mustang I have replaced just about everything, fuel pump, fuel filter, map sensor, o2 sensor, tps, coil, fuel injectors, ok now for what the problem it idles fine but when you try to drive it when it is warmed up the rpms drops to the point of stalling out unless I push in the clutch to where it idles and then it idles fine until you try driving again and then it does the same so im hoping someone can help me out I am out of ideas and I also ran a test and I got the code 11 but I also got code 34 not sure what else could be wrong need help plz
  2. Code 34 is an EGR code can certainly make issues with it running poorly. I would take it off and clean it with carb/brake cleaner before I replaced it. They normally can be cleaned to refresh it.

    These are the parts you need to look at, EGR Postion Sensor fits inside the EGR Valve, the Valve is the part you clean. All this is right at your throttle body. egr valve&hl=en-US&qsubts=1392503782034#hl=en-US&q=mustang egr valve&tbm=shop
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  3. If I remember correctly I replaced that too
  4. Dump your codes and retest it
  5. Do you think it's possible that the computer isn't good
  6. What about the PCV valve
  7. Do this^^^^ and see what comes up when you retest. I also would check your IAC valve, could be dirty. You can clean it too.
  8. Unlikely if it is giving you the codes it does. I think the guys are on the right diagnostic path for you. Also check for vac leaks. Unregulated air messes with an EEC IV system no matter how many cylinders are in the car.
  9. I haven't found any obvious vacuum leaks
  10. It the hard to find ones that are a pain, and it sounds like you are way beyond obvious things. Clear and check for codes again, run a cylinder balance test and hope it shows what the issue is.
  11. What about a thermostat issue