Need ideas on blocking off coolant "supplier" to EGR/TB area (back left/lower intake)

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  1. Alright, I keep getting a leak at the back passenger side of the lower intake where the coolant "supplier" to the EGR/TB area. I have it blocked off so I need to block the "supplier" off...

    I'm heading to the parts store/hardware store tommorrow in search of the suggestions you give me. Is their any "stoppers" I can slip over the "supplier"?

    Any ideas...I'm trying to avoid pulling the upper intake, it's a pain when your on a compressed time schedule...

  2. You talking about the egr coolant hose on the back of the lower? Heres what to do, very simple: Pull the upper and pull the fitting on the lower and take it to the hardware store and match the threads and get an npt block off fiting for w/e size it is. Use thread sealent and you're good to go.

  3. That's what I was thinking. Don't bother trying to cap it off, just replace it with a plug. Should be 3/8" NPT
  4. yeah, that was it and I thought of blocking it off like that...butI already have the upper intake and all that good ole EFI stuff back on when I made the thread. What I did (will see if it works temporarily) is clamp the "supplier" shut and threaded it in further with thread sealer and put silicone with a hose w/clamps over the clamped supplier. Will see if that works...if not, I'll pull it and "do it right"...I will do that one day, but I'm not to worried about it now...

    thanks for the replies guys!
  5. If the hose is still connected you can put a bolt in it with silicone and clamp it like that. That will work flawessly. I did that when I put my friends old gt40 head/cobra intake combo together since the cobra manifold doesn't have egr coolant. But the best way is a npt block off fitting for $1.
  6. I assume you did remove the egr? I wouldn't run the egr with the coolant lines disconnected.

    just a thought
  7. Well that is the way it was...and that is how it is now:)

    vristang - Nope, egr is still on there. Previous owner disconnected the coolant lines and all. I actually plugged up the EGR today (been disconnected for two years):nono: Ooopss...I didn't even know it...ever since I did the first h/c/i swap I had it disconnected and always wondered why my check engine light has been on. Well reconnected it today and BAM, no check engine light! It seemed to idle better...maybe the tune will be just that much better...
  8. I suspect that part throttle response will improve for you, but wot will not change due to egr.
    I bring it up because Ford put the coolant lines there for a reason. The EGR gasses are rather hot when they hit the intake manifold. The coolant in the EGR spacer is supposed to help lower the temperature of the Exhaust gasses before they hit the fuel. The extremely high temps of the exhaust gas mixed with the intake charge can lead to part throttle detonation.

    If you don't have any problems with detonation on this combo, please let us know. However I would suspect that you could run more timing (at part throttle) with the coolant lines still functional.

    Good Luck
  9. yeah, thanks...yeah I knew it didn't matter under WOT, but since this is my daily driver, I will be happy with the part throttle and idle bettering itself hopefully...

    What do you think of 42* timing when I rev the car up? To much?

    I have it at 16* at idle with spout out...
  10. I ran the coolant lines to throttle body disconnected with the egr still functioning for years no problems whatsoever.
  11. TrickStang - What part of the country do you live in?
  12. san jose, california
  13. Hotter area...that's gets pretty warm down here sometimes too...up to 100* a few times during the summer...the humidity makes it worse though, yuck:bang:
  14. The problem with removing egr and not shutting it off via a chip or tuning device and tuning for it is you may not be able to run as much part throttle timing which will slightly lower your gas mileage.

    Since you don't have a chip or tuner, you may need to dial the dist back if it starts to ping will will be a global change and hurt performance. See what happens when it gets warm out and you drive it.

    42* is no problem, I have mine tuned so I cruise at 40-42* depending on cruise rpm and load.
  15. Not trying to highjack this thread but I have a question about my egr too.
    I have no smog pump & no cats do I need an EGR ? Are there any advantages to disconecting the EGR?

  16. I have a good write up on some of the emissions stuff (especially the egr) on my website.

    I would post the link for you but I cannot pull up the site from work. The egr FAQ is listed in both the 5.0 Emissions section and the FAQ section.

    Let me know if you have comments suggestions.

  17. thought i seen somewhere, where you can buy a little plug in thingy..looks kinda like a sensor or something that plugs into the egr wiring to make the computer think its there???
  18. Thanks for the info vristang , your site was great
  19. You can find them on ebay. Or if you search through some of the old threads there is a thread on how to make your own from Radio Shack parts. Radio Shack and egr should find the thread.

    Either way, what this device does is tell the computer that the egr is there and functional, even if it is not functioning. All this does is turn off the CEL. The potential for part throttle detonation/ping are still there.
    The best way to remove egr is to turn that function off in the EEC.

  20. I'm not deleting the EGR...

    Drove it today, 85* and no part throttle detonation. Seems to be running better than before (smoother)...

    Mine is at 42* at cruise as well...