1. ok, well im gonna have 15 grand to spend in the near future and was wondering about some good ideas, i dont want to spend all 15 gs but heres what i got allready, i got a 79 notch ex turbo 4, body and suspension are all stock other then 4.10s in the crappy 7.5 and rims which will be replaced anyhow, i have a 460 block sitting next to it with intentions of either a monster 514 with a blower or maybe n/a cant figure out what i want yet, but ive also been throwing around putting in a efi 347 with some boost or a mod motor, need some ideas of what would be original and fast with this car eventually i want to have one of the nicest 79s around...oh btw i plan on painting it dsg with black stripes...ive had this car for like 5 years and its been through varous stages of how i wanted it at certain times and i want this to be the final time i tear it apart....shooting for streetable 10's if possible if not i could live with 11s
  2. personally i would do a turbo'd 331 or 347 efi with some sort of engine management that way it will still be pleasent on the street. nice suspension setup, tranny, and a new rear end. add that onto the paint job and it would be a sick car :nice:
  3. yea i def wanna do efi for sure im sick of carbs and havent seen to many efi four eyes but as of yet havent seen any with mod motors in them that idea just keeps popping in my head, lol