Need Info on 1967 Center Console!!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 01MustangMan, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. I just purchased a center console for my 1967 Fastback stang. The question I have is.... I need new brushed alunimum overlays for it, cause its all pitted. They sell them in the books, but I called and they said its just a sticker. Is there a website that sells the pieces for the console in alunimun. I dont know how the sticker overlay would look. Anyone have these stick on overlays?
    ALso The console is for an auto, and I have a 4-speed. Anyone know where I can get the plate on the console where the shifter come out of for a manual instead of the auto... I attached a pic to show you what I am talking about... ANy info would help.. Thanks Jon

  2. I think this is what you're talking about. Mustangs Unlimited has it.
  3. I saw the overlay kits there, but I think he wants a new metal plate for a manual shift, and the top metal piece that goes behind it to replace his pitted one too.

    I thought this guy may have them new, but didn't see it on his website. He may have them used. He has a huge warehouse of all kinds of used stuff. I did my 67 Shelby tail lights from him.


    Did you try an SOS pad on the pits ? Worked on my console, but yours may be pitted worse.

    nothing here on the left either - :bang:
  4. I don't know of anyone remanufacturing those at this time. The 4-speed versions seem to twice as hard to find as the automatic ones too.

    SOS pads may work, you could try steel wool if you want to be more agressive. As a last ditch you could have them brushed at a machine shop. There's a ton of metal to work with there and you should be able to have all the pits brushed out unless they are cancerous.

    Just don't "brush" the edges, they're suppposed to be bright.