Need Insight From Terminator Guys

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Paulo, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. I wanted to know from the experienced Terminator guys, what you think of this car that Im thinking about getting.

    My only concern is the high miles. Should I be concerned? That is the for sale link.

    Cars for Sale: 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra Coupe in Casselberry, FL 32707: Coupe Details - 329724515 -
    2003 Cobra with 111K miles for $18K

    [email protected] 2.6H Blower, A/C ice cold, mostly highway miles, non-smoker, Title in hand, Very clean interior, Well maintained. Professionally maintained at Real Street Performance since I've owned it (over 50,000 miles). Kenne Bell 2.6H Twin Screw Supercharger. D&D 26 Spline Input Shaft, McLeod Twin Disc Clutch, Magnaflow H-Pipe and Rear Section, SCT Chip tuned by Mike Shimmick from SCT. Short Shifter. Has the first and only set of BC Racing Full Coilovers for the 03/04 Cobra ever done (this car was the vehicle used to build them.) Car has made [email protected] heat soaked in 95* heat with the stock heat exchanger and stock headers pull after pull. Two brand new fuel pumps, Kenne Bell B-A-P, Cold Air Intake, and MAF sensor with a larger throttle body, also new 60lb injectors were installed with the blower. Blower has only been on for a few thousand miles. Legal Tinted Windows, interior is in excellent condition with only slight feathering on the driver factory suede. I take care to not wear the center console or door with my elbow. I don't put my wallet in my back pocket to protect the bolsters, rear seats are virtually unused. Car has been my daily driver for over four years, I simply do not need it anymore. Replaced Differential Bushings, Caliper Brackets, Tensioner, Blower Belt and Serpentine Belt, regular oil and fluid changes. Paint by Samuels Autobody in Sanford, FL, looks better than any other Dark Shadow Grey car's paint I've seen. One small inch long scratch on the back bumper, a few small rock chips on the side moulding behind the doors. Front Bumper, Hood, Roof, Deck Lid, basically everything in fantastic shape. The car will be sold with "10th Anniversary" Cobra Wheels. I took off the factory spoiler because I liked the look. A new OEM Ford light was used but has some wear from the sun, which is basically the only thing that looks worn at all in the car's exterior. I have gone as far as to track gas receipts for the entire life of the car.

    Thank is advance fellas
  2. I believe you also asked this on the svt forum. For that kind of money, you probably could get a lower mile car. It also depends on what you want. The more they've been played with, like this one (or mine at this point), they're worth less, but if that's what you want, they are much cheaper to buy modified than to modify yourself. Definitely do a compression check on it. They are really fun cars to drive. Good luck,
  3. Even tho it has some nice mods (witch usually doesn't increase the value) yes it is abit over priced espically for the millage. But its all up to you, personally I'de look for one with less miles. You can find a nicely modded one with around 45k on the clock for a simmilar price.
  4. That price is for a low mileage stock cobra, not a heavily modified high mileage one.
  5. Seems a bit much for the mileage. Mods are nice, though. Looks it has been taken care of nicely. Don't understand the Boost-a-Pump. If you are going to add all that power, why not go with better fuel pumps? That would be the first thing that I would change. Either way, it has the mods on it already, so you won't have to spend too much more money on it.