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    Alright so this is my 04 v6 and I have a "list" of things I would like done to it and I personally know jack :poo: about cars more of a computer guy my self but what the hell people can learn!

    So things I would like done to it in descending order of priority:

    Hood Scoop
    • Doing a little bit of research I found that the 04 v6's were made with a reverse style hood? I think that is what it was saying and because of this everything I've read says I need to get like a GT hood to be able to put a Hood Scoop on that. Is this true or could I get one with my current hood?
    Paint Job
    • I haven't quite decided which one I want yet but I either wan't Black on Red or Red on Black meaning I want it to be either Black body style with 2 red racing stripes down middle along with painting spoiler red and replacing the rims with an all red one. Or the same thing just reversed colors (black as stripe and spoiler etc..). Also I would like the side scoop I think that's what it is called that is even with the handle to be painted red with the rims and spoiler if that is the way I go. I have looked it up online and it seems anything I read gives me a completely different price range on paint jobs now I'm wondering if anyone does paint jobs themselves or knows a guesstimate can you throw a few numbers at me?
    • Also I have seen on some cars the stripe on side on bottom of door kind of thing idk how that would look on there but if anyone has a picture of a 04 v6 that looks like this could u please post it?
    SLP Loudmouth
    • I know nothing about this, my brother has had a few mustangs and said to me if you don't get this on mine we can no longer talk. (obviously joking but he said I really should get this) From what I know it just makes ur car louder are these expensive or no =o?
    Window Tint
    • How much does this usually cost to be right at legal limit?
    Finally (in before the hate) I would like to get some Underglow...Assuming laws in Missouri allow it I have to look into that but that is only a hundred dollars or so.

    Now I know I might sound really stupid with cars when I'm asking these questions some might be self explanitory but I pretty much am I am lucky to turn my car on in the morning for work ^_^. If you could give it a read and a comment that would be great if not..meh W.E
  2. Spend a little time snooping around and most of your questions will be answered.

    Personally, I'd keep it as is. I dont care for stripes and chit. Hood scoup can be sourced from a salvage yard. You wont gain much but sound by upgrading your exhaust, and since its a sixer, you wont have the typical v8 sound.

    Check out the site and forums at for some great infobon tinting, and local installers/pricing.
  3. Alright thanks man I'll defiantly go check it out.
  4. I have the slp1's on my cobra. It would sound a bit different on yours but I personally love it. I want to get long tubes and a prochamber crossover.
  5. Hood scoop: You are correct in your would need a different hood to get that GT hood scoop on your car. The '03 and '04 V6 Mustangs had that "heat extractor" style hood on them, which originated on the '99 and '01 Cobras.

    Paint: Your call on the color scheme, whatever would look good to you. Personally, I don't think stripes look quite right on this particular generation of Mustangs...I just don't think that the car's lines quite allow for stripes, but again, that's just me. As for the stripes at the bottom of the doors...or the rocker panel stripes...they're not too bad if done tastefully. Get a color that would match the paint properly and it'll look good...don't go clashing colors of course. You should be able to get them at any vinyl graphics supplier, such as Phoenix Graphics or the like.

    Exhaust: previously stated, it's a just won't have the grunt of a V8.

    Tint: Check with a local tint shop regarding local laws. Those can vary from state to state, as can pricing. It shouldn't be more than $200 now to tint the car though...should be well under that, I'd think.

    Underglow: Don't. Just don't. It's a Ford, not a Honda. Don't. Please. Oh...and it's probably illegal anyway...I don't think there are too many (if any) states that actually allow that.