Need more info on 1990 SC Thunderbird. Aftermarketparts&mustangengineswap help!

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by \\J//, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Just wondering how much potential the 1990 thunderbird v6 S/C engine has trying to do something out of the box on a 4banger mustang engine swap instead of a 2.3 turbo or a 5.0 a sc'd v6 sounds nice btw im getting the tbird for 700 or maybe i can talk the owner down to 550 or 6 few weeks back i had a 351w bronco inmind but this will be my everyday car when its done need something alittle more practical fast yet good for everyday use

    What aftermarket parts should i turn to? like a aftermarket supercharger intake pulleys & cam?

    should i use the Thunderbirds engine mounts for the swap? is there much diference in the drive shaft? not too sure of what tranny and rear end it holds please excuse me i still need to do more research

    This guy had a 12.70 at 107.90 Mph on the 1/4 mile the weight with the guy in the car is 3660

    1990 Ford Thunderbird SC 1/4 mile trap speeds 0-60 -

    so with the weight advantage of the notchback im thinking the notch with the tbird engine would weigh 500lbs less? or am i thinking wrong? maybe shave off time on the track with the aftermarket parts?

    not good at calculating these things let me know whats needed for the swap feel free to throw out opinions before i go through with this thanks!