Roush need more power in my 281SC, what to do?...

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Blue Blurr, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. So did u get the Kenne Bell?
  2. oh yes

    Hey, whats up, first time on this site.
    I have an 01 true blue saleen sc
    66mill puley 99.00
    75mill throttle body 199.00
    custom tune and your saleen turns in to a whole new car. The results are night and day.
  3. Welcome.

    Share some pics of your ride. Always a sucker for true blue. :D
  4. I did :D hehe
  5. 450RWHP damn. Did u blow the motor yet lol?
  6. I just went to 11psi last Thursday. I ran the 10psi for over a year with no problems making 439rwhp/439rwtq. Here's to another boom-free year :banana: lol.

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  7. Damn way to bring back an old thread haha. Yeah, i got the Kb a loooong time ago. Now im thinking of going with a built motor and kb 2.2. BTW I want a bit more power, but not sure about getting a 10psi pulley. Could you notice anything at all that sounded like something going wrong? I wanted to go Longtube headers and maybe the 10psi pulley. I could always run a gallon or so of race gas, or maybe octane booster.
  8. horsepower becomes addicting huh? As soon as you get over the point where it's not scary, it's no longer enough and you need more.
  9. Build the motor first man.
  10. Yes i know... lol. I was a n00b over a year ago not much anymore. I think next summer i may go to MPH and get there built 302 along with a 2.2, but only time will tell.