Need new front bumber, how will my insurance handle this?

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  1. Last night coming home from work a hit a coyote that ran out in front of my 02 gt, anyway my bumber is all fubarred. Well i have real good insurance with state farm and a deductible of just $50.00 bucks, my question when i have the adjuster look at my car monday will he cut me a check personally to me? Some guys at work said if your car is financed the insurance co. will cut a two party check to you and the lien holder, and some others said the insurance company will cut a check to the repair shop only. I want a check made out to me personally that way i can go and buy an aftermarket cobra bumber and have it installed and still mabey pocket some money out of the deal. If there is anyone out there with any info on this subject please fill me in thanks, Jeff.
  2. Depends on who you have insurance with. I used to have insurance with State farm and whenever I needed something fixed that they were going to cover, they just wrote me a check in my name. I deposited it in the bank and used it to pay for the damage. However, it varies from insurance company to insurance company.

    EDIT: If youre looking for a good price on a Cobra front bumper, contact Randy Stinchcomb over at Modular Depot. He works for a place called Liberty Ford in Maryland and he can get your front bumpers pretty cheap. He told me a Cobra front bumper new for my brothers 01 GT would only be like 280 bucks plus shipping. Thats un-painted of course but thats still a good deal. The local dealership here would charge 500-600 bucks for a new front bumper un-painted.
  3. It also epends on the state, I know in Nevada when my wife hit a guy who ran a red and left the scene, the company (GEICO) paid the dealership that did the repairs instead of me. That may have been the company, but from what i heard at the time, it was a normal procedure for Nevada.

    Here in Washington when my wife was rear-ended by a cement mixure, the company cut us a check.
  4. Yeah, varies from company to company. My claim with Wawanesa Ins. wrote a check to me directly whereas a friend of mine's insurace sent it directly to the repair shop.
  5. Allstate here in California sent me to a shop and I paid the shop my deductible. Allstate then pays the shop for all the repairs.

    I just had my drivers 1/4 panel, front bumper, and hood replaced after some ass plowed his truck in to it in the Home Depot parking lot. All though I can only assume. I came out of the store to this! :notnice:
  6. Since you have State Farm, they will ask you if you want the check made out to only yourself, or to you and the body shop. I just went through this about a month ago, so I am pretty familiar with the whole procedure. If the claims adjusters are anything like they are over here, you will have just enough to cover a new bumper.
  7. I was rear ended once and there was no adjuster involved. I was in contact with the other cars insurance rep and all I had to do was go and get an estimate for repairs and fax it over to them. They then cut me a check. If this is how it will be for you then if I were you I would get the estimate from a custom paint shop, because they are more expensive, then actually get it fixed at a less expensive(but still good place of course) and use the extra to purchase the bumper.
  8. I was run off the road in my '99 Formula back in '00 and State Farm cut a check directly to me.
  9. Well, I was in the same predictament with my 2001 V6. I damaged my front bumper cover by hitting a concrete divider separating Southbound from Northbound traffic. The total damage was $1,800 from the estimator. The insurance guy cut a check to my mom and father, because they were on the insurance and I'm just an umbrella member. The deductable was $1,000 so he told me that I have to take $1,000 of my own money plus the check, directly to the body shop to get repairs done. Of course, I had to take my estimate summary with me. But still, if he writes it to the insurance policy owners, then it is up to them to decide what to do with it, wether they use it for the purpose intended, or not, its cashable. Some banks may have issue with it, and have to call it in, but some just cash it. Honestly I think thats the same case for you. If your saying the he wrote the check out to you personally, then it is to your discretion on wether or not you will use it for the body shop, or of your own aftermarket dealer to buy whatever parts you want, versus the summaries requested parts. I have Shel*er insurance by the way.

    Hope that helps you out bro.
  10. I had to replace my front bumber cover a few weeks ago because my 01 GT magically popped out of gear and had the parking break disengaged ( Im still trying to figure out how it happened) and it rolled into some things. I am in the Army and I use USAA they had to come out and inspect my car before they would cut a check, and then they would only give me the money after the car was at a body shop and the parts were ordered. Every part that was ordered had to be approved by USAA. I dont know much about state farm, but if they're anything like USAA, you can only get what you have/had. :flag:
  11. well some insurance companies have deals with repair shops. so some will try & steer you in their direction, cause it's cheaper for them. when i wrecked my first stang in 99, the shop doing the work asked where my insurance was. i told them & then they pointed at the wall & said great we are authorized repair shop for them, which meant they both came out ahead from the deal with me. but you do have a choice regarless of who its through, just don't settle with one est., go get a couple & compare., then choose which way you want to go about it :nice:
  12. my car mysteriously popped out of gear also one day and rolled off a 7 foot embankment. still feel pretty stupid about that one, but anyway, i deal with statefarm. right after it happened, i called them and they gave me a list of "service first" body shops and they do the estimates and there is no adjusters involved. i went to a couple of shops and found one where the guy really worked with me. i was able to get some aftermarket parts that i wanted because they were actually cheaper than the parts he was going to order from the dealer. so, when the car was done, all i had to do is go sign the bill and i was out of there. that was my experience.