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  1. Ok this is a long story so be ready,

    My friend bought a 1986 Chevy C-10 about a 2 years ago. 305 V8, 4 speed manual, long bed, 4bbl quadrajet, decent body, good interior, with about 75,000 original miles on it, paid $2500. He bought it from a a guy on a farm that rarely used it. It was a good little truck and he maintained it. After having it for about a year he sold it, he broke even and bought a '00 F-150 v6 5 spd with 30,000 miles (paid to much for the truck). About 8 months of having his new truck he started missing his old truck. He found the guy he sold it to and bought it back, he paid 2,750 (lost a little money). The guy he sold it to had blown the original 305 and put in a used 350 (condition unknown). He put lowering shackles on the back (cut some of the frame to do so). The 305 v8 was all original all the vacuum lines where hooked up and it was nice a neat. When the guy put in the 350 he just made it work, didn't do a very good job.
    Well my friend got the truck back and had it for a few months, hes not a car guy so I have been helping him work out all the kinks and stuff in the truck and did a basic tune up on the truck to get it running right. My friend hasn't owned the truck 5 months and the head gaskets blew on the 350, pretty much confirming my theory that the used 350 was worn out. Now he wants to sell the truck, I always told him to ask me if I want to buy it before talking to anyone else. I want the truck as a project and daily driver so I can work on my mustang but I'm not sure what to offer.

    The truck is in decent shape, but here are its flaws/concerns
    Motor, not sure of condition
    power steering leaks
    front suspension needs work
    A/c doesn't work
    Exhaust pipe is cut under bed
    Minor dents and small amount of surface rust

    My question to you members is what do you honestly think the truck is worth. I want to get some other people input before I offer too much/little. Please post your thoughts and what you think the truck is worth.

    Thanks Guys, Ranger
  2. I'd have to see it. Hint Hint. The 350 is really bullet proof in stock form. If it popped a head gasket, replace it. I've seen them pretty hot with no issue. It doesn't really sound like a daily driver so you can work on your Mustang. It sounds like another project. I'm not bashing here, I have my share of lined up, hope to build it, projects sitting around. The point is depending on the body it may be worth 1k or something as is but its another project. And remember that the small surface rust you see is probably connected to the endless sea of rust that those truck were known for. You just can't see it yet.