Need opinions from CAM GUYS

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  1. I would appreciate some info from you guys knowlegable about the mysteries of cam specs.

    I have a Summit Racing Cam # 3602

    * Advertised duration: 292 intake/302 exhaust
    * Duration at .050 in. cam lift: 234 intake/244 exhaust
    * Gross valve lift: .520 in. intake/.544 in. exhaust
    * Lobe separation: 114 degrees
    * RPM range: 3,400 to 6,800

    Today a mechanic told me that it wasn't a very big/radical cam for the street and that I can and should go bigger! I'm kinda a dim bulb when it comes to cams, but it seems to me that others in the know have thought if anything I was over cammed. Now the guy talking to me has a Lightning engine in his 91LX, so we'll just assume he's into radical. But realistically what is your read about this cam?

    Without posting the entire boring sig:

    Twisted Wedge Heads
    Edelbrock PERFORMER RPM intake
    JE 9.5 to 1 forged pistons.
    Holley 750
    MSD ignition complete
    Tri Y Headers
    World Class t-5 5 speed.
    and the basic stuff
  2. it's on the upper end actuallyu of what i'd want to run on the street; but the big lobe separation crates some more midrange torque for you so you could run bigger too if you really wanted to
  3. What kind of gears? Size tire? Those tri=y's are not gonna cut it in my opinion. The cam sounds fine to me just too much carb.

    What is streetable to someone isn't streetable to someone else.

    More cam would mean upping the compression.

    I don't think it's a roller but if it where then it would mean you could run a larger cam and be more streetable.

    IMO anything larger and the pistons won't clear the valves.

    Sure he could have a lighting engine but if he built it it's one thing and if he simply dropped it in and wired it up to work its another. Doesn't mean he knows about the cams. The lighting engine isn't at all radical IMO It's boosted. Well I'm assuming its one of newer engines, yeah well supercharging something makes it pull out the hp numbers fairly easy and still streetable.
    3.70-3.80 gears would be good for you.
  4. You should have the heads ported, a victor intake and 1 3/4 headers if you go to a bigger cam. I think your combo would be good with a novi 1000.
  5. I'm running Tri-Y's on my 400 horse power V-8 Ranger and they work great. I'll bet that unless he ran it on a dyno , he wouldn't be able to tell the difference between em and 4 into 1's on the seat of the pants meter.
  6. Hey guys,

    thanks for the input. pretty much answers I expected, but I really appreciate the confirmation from people who actually KNOW!

    The gears I'm running are 3:73 with an auburn pro unit.

    As per my version of streetable, I don't mind things being a bit rough. My one pocket of sissiness is that I gotta be able to run airconditioning on my black mustang during Bakersfield 110 degree summers.

    I agree that I'm over carbed and we've just been jetting it down. I've been thinking about going with a mighty demon 650, but that's $500 that I'd rather put towards a Central Coast Mustang 342 shortblock. At that point I feel I could run my 750 with a little tuning. The short block is around 2k and it's hard to argue that that isn't a better cost benefit ratio. Plus having a stroker just sounds freakin sexy as halle berry in leather begging me to..... Ok maybe not quite as sexy, but it's a hell of a lot more likely.
  7. Check out my link at bottom of parts for sell oh and have dropped some of the prices just that I can't updated right now.

    Maybe the 670 cfm will be a better selection.
    So your running an 8.8? I don't think 8 or 9 inch rears come in in 3.73 correct me if I'm wrong I have looked through the gear catalogs for a while.

    I just wouldn't tri y's would flow that good well at least not the one's I had from sacramento mustang I ended up throwing them away.
  8. As per the 3.73, I'm sure you're right. I am running a 9 inch. I remember that it was 3.7something. I don't know why I was thinking 3.73. Maybe too many friends with LS1s. I hear you with the tri y's, I've heard that more than once, but know lots of guys that are turning better than 300 rwhp with them. No doubt super comps would be far superior.

    I'll check out your site. Again thanks for the intell.
  9. I would have to also say it is on the upper end of small ford cams, it definately has more lift and duration then mine, and my cam is pretty rough. That cam is also going to give your power at a high rpm for sure, mine cam doesnt really kick in until about 3K. But it depends on what your goal for your car is.
  10. just get the biggest cam you can get. :D :D :nice: I would look in the comp cam catalog. I have the second to the largest cam in the drag race section and i love it to death. shifting at 7 grand is so cool. I will warn you though, you need some low gears bad. I have 4.11 and i wish i would have kept the 4.62 gears i had before. It makes no power below 3000. :nice:
  11. Um mabey not I just checked on there online catalog and they changed it. My cam isnt even on there anymore. I have over .600 of lift on bolth intake and exhaust, and it used to be in the mec flat tap drag race section. Wierd.
  12. Decent sized cam for a 302, but pretty mild IMHO for a larger sized motor.
    I run a bigger cam in my 347 and really would like to supersize my cam in the future (when funds allow).
  13. MMmMMM...a 400HP Ranger? Must hear more!
  14. The cam is right for your application!! the 112 LSA is good for flat torque!! the 750 Vac holley is right on, but dont jet down to compensate for the air flow!! Running lean is wrong... the big heads and carb and that cam will rock!! The only thing I suggest is setting the cam centerline in at 108 or 106 ( advanced 4-6*) to give more low end and get the air moving (velocity) in the engine for faster power!! Total dist timing at 38* and then tune form there!! but the cam ISNT too small!!
    Just me......................

  15. Well, what do you want to hear? At the moment there ain't nothin to hear, blew a head gasket last week, waiting on new gaskets from Summit at the moment. Oh the Ranger runs high 13's, not bad for a 3800 lb truck and a 302.
  16. I can't wait to put my fastback together and show my 400 rwhp dyno....OH that'll be the day.....aaaahhhhh yes.

    What kind of head gasket are you getting?
  17. Felpro Print-o-seals, and I'm wondering if they're defective. There's some of the guys over on the FE forum on network54 having problems with the print-o-seal intake gaskets, and at least one who has had the same with a head gasket. These gaskets are only 3 months old, and the motor doesn't have a super high comp ratio ( 9.8 to 1) If this happens again, I'll have to switch to a different gasket. Really didn't want to go thicker though with the aluminum heads and drop the comp ratio. I wanted to get the ratio up around 10.5 to 1, but these heads turned out to have 64 cc chambers instead of 58's. Had to mill em 60 just to get them to 57cc. ( I was shootin for 54 cc) what're you putting in your fastback?
  18. Do you carry a few bags of cement against the tailgate for 1.4 mile traction? Does this thing turn too? Is it slammed or a 4X4? Is it dressed as a sleeper or tricked out? What do the LS1 guys say when you blow the SS labels off their fenders?

  19. First an aluminum headed 5.0 fuel injected and blown with 12 psi pulleys and an engine management system tied into a laptop tweecer rt to be exact, then when I can find a stronger block I'll turn up the boost with a 347 stroker.

    There is someone in the 5.0 forum that has almost the same set up and has dynoed at 400 rwhp.

    My goal is to one day have it dyno at 700 rwhp. It's going to take close to 20 psi a dart or R302 block and some nice internals.

    Have you seen how much fuel dilevery systems are???? :fuss: :eek: I just about fell over when I saw how much it was going to be to support up to 1000 hp.

    Maybe a few years down the road.
  20. Naw, I don't like carrying the extra weight when I don't have too. Except for the narrowed 8.8 with a Summit stud girdle rear cover and the 275/60/15's tucked in the fender wells, and the Chevy Z/28 302 fender emblems on the front fenders, the truck looks pretty much stock, even has the original paint job. It handles and drives like any Mustang and hauls freight. Even runs on 87 octane unleaded without complaint. :D Like having the best of both worlds. The few Camaros that tried to pass it, never succeeded. :nice: , It's my daily driver too.