Need Opinions

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  1. plans for the spring involve buying a 302 block, boring it out .030 over and stroking it out to a 347 with a small shot of nitrous. the kit im looking at runs for only 800 ive heard a lot about how 347 burns oil, but i wont have a problem with that as that is something that i have to do right now anyway. what do you guys think??
  2. Thats a pretty good price for that, i have also heard that they burn oil too and they dont seem to last long only 60,000 miles or so. thats what i have read. they say a 331 will last longer than a 347 from what i have read about them.
  3. I have a 347 with the keith black pistons and it dosent noticeably burn oil.....i mabey use a quart in a full season(not a daily driver) about 5000 miles a year. BUT....the power and torque are worth it......once you feel the power you'll be saying burning what?................LOL :)
  4. burning a little bit of oil seems to be worth the extra power/torque gained with the extra cubes and for $800, i gotta do it. the car will not be seeing much of the road, just enough to get me from school to home every other weekend.
  5. what kind of time you running with that setup?
  6. I havent gone to the strip......but dynoed at 300hp/315tq with the old e303 cam.
  7. thats respectable...i will be plenty satisfied with that until i graduate from college and get my cobra