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  1. Currently I drive an '09 Tacoma with 38k miles. Great reliable truck, but I owe another three years of payments and am kind of tired of making payments on something I only drive a out 10 miles round trip to work each day. I have thought of taking it to Carmax to see what the would give me for it. I owe about 1400 less than nada rough trade in. Was hoping I might be able to at least break even by selling it.

    There are always a couple of clean stockish foxes on CL around here for between 4-5k. I could get that through my credit union for 50 pucks or so a pay period and lower my monthly bills. Thought about picking up one of those to DD for a while and then picking up a beater pickup later on.
  2. Foxes are great but old and stuff will break. The Tacoma will run 300k miles with gas and oil.

    Take it to carmax but be prepared for a disappointing offer. Personally I say keep the truck as a DD
  3. Yeah I have thought of that, I did DD a fox for about 7 years I remember well all the little issues. Mine only left me stranded once when the TFI module died, but I was probably lucky. I have become spoiled by the Yota, I know it's going to crank and get from A-B. I appreciate your input Grover.
  4. Keep the Tacoma for sure
  5. Keep the taco for DD duties. Save up for another fox. I recently traded in my '06 Tacoma, amazing truck but I needed something better on the highway and gas. Everytime I need the bed space I regret trading it in:(
  6. Keep truck buy a fox .... the dd fox thing gets old .... owning a dd makes me look forward to using my car when I am not working

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  7. I'm sure you guys are right, the Yota will probably last me forever. I need to keep it for reliability and a fox for fun. I even test drove a few S197 cars with the idea of trading the truck for one, but as nice as they are they just aren't a fox. I guess I am stuck in a time warp
  8. Don't forget the 99-04 cars. They are still new enough to be reliable, and are starting to get cheap as well.
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  9. True, they are but I can't get passed my love of Fox Bodies. The new edge cars are technically superior I know.
  10. I love my fox but handling , stopping turning radius and overall car it was a great daily my 00gt minus the winters

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  11. IDK about superior. I had a 99 Cobra which I liked a lot. The Foxes are cheaper to mod, but rattle more. The new cars ride better, but I don't like the seating position, it just depends on what you are more comfortable in. Personally once I get more garage space I might pick up an 01 Bullitt if I can find a DHG one for a decent price.
  12. Using any 20+ year old car or a DD is going to present its share of problems. Using a 20+ year old sports car as a DD is going to almost assure you problems. Using a 20+ year old Mustang as a DD is asking for problems IMO. Unless you buy either a bone stock low mile or cherry fox that someone has built - both are going to be top dollar- you are most likely buying a car that has been ragged on and abused.

    I bought a low mile stock car and still have put over 2 grand into it in in less than a year. I thought because it was low miles it was not going to need much work. Wrong. I knew the PO was an old guy that used it as a weekend beach toy who knew nothing about cars but it was solid and not ragged on.

    So far I have replaced

    alternator -130 amp 3g and wiring
    transmission lines , filter and fluid
    brake pads and rotors
    hood - Cervini hood and pins
    rear convertible top
    Exhaust -headers, h pipe, flowmasters
    Top end- Explorer intake, heads, gaskets, bolts, thermostat
    70MM throttle body, spacer
    70MM MAF
    clutch fan with taurus E fan and FAL VSC controller
    6 pc headlights
    maintentence- plugs, wires, cap, rotor, filters, hoses, belts.
    B&M shifter
    seats- 2002 power leather
    window moldings
    door strikers and bushings
    O2 sensor
    Tie rods
    Rear Main seal
    Oil pan gasket
    Tinted windows
    Window switch

    Still my DD, but getting tired of driving it every day.

    Next will be tires and 3.73's..... then when I am bored an S trim. I promised myself I would keep it a DD just like you are
  13. I finally stopped driving my 89 daily about 4 years ago. My current DD is an 04 Cobra. The 04 does have better brakes, and the HVAC system all works great (unlike the 89 at this point...), but the 89 easily out handles the 04 around curves, with the primary difference being weight - the 89 is roughly 600 pounds lighter. Same at the strip, the 04 has a little more power, but less power to weight, so the 89 is the quicker car. Sure do love those Cobra seats though...and the stereo is pretty nice for a factory system.
  14. Keep the Taco for your DD and pick up a Fox to cruise around on nice days.