Need paint and bodywork done, anyone?

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  1. my hood came up on my 89 lx today. roof needs work, and the cowl area behind hood. i want "driver" paint. nothing show room, and nothing junk. just decent paint.

    i also have a front bumper i need resprayed, no flex agent was used i dont believe. as well as the rear bumper, but its pretty decent overall.

    i know andy use to paint, i need someone who does this on the side so it wont kill me $$ wise. shoot me a pm or reply here if your up for it.. hood will be here soon, i might even just need it primered flat black for the time being.
  2. hes full until september? damn.. im hoping to get it done sooner then that, never know though.
  3. Hey John - oh SHIrT, another Fox, eh? Too bad about the hood, that's a real PITA (read: expensive) to fix.

    About the front bumper: "no flex agent" is code for "poor prep". Ask the guys at Autopaint downtown, they're the ones who told me. I added nothing extra when I painted the polyurethane on my notch, and it sticks just fine, cuz I put in the time on preparation.
  4. hey lee, i tried emailing you. it went through, but i guess to the wrong address?

    im hoping i can get the body work done reasonably priced, but probably not. if its too expensive, i will just leave the damage and go to the engine some more.

    this weekend is black interior conversion, pulling dash out to put blower boxes/heater core back in, dropping tank for a new 255/fuel sending unit, and wiring up my gauges...

    last week was topend, march pulley kit, new clutch/tob/pilot, new carpet. been ALOT of work..
  5. You're welcome haha, see ya at 8ish in the morning, i should get to sleep.... up almost all last night on a house fire:rolleyes:, Later
  6. im up too..

    but yea thanks for all the help. its gonna suck without love line to listen to while we wrench haha.
  7. bumping this back up...

    i have just a hood i need painted. fiberglass hood, seems to be reasonably smooth. i just want it done oem white. so prep work doesn't need to be perfect.

    i don't need a showroom paint job, just something "decent".

    ill be taking it to some random shop if nobody emerges privately.
  8. I could use the same info for a a front clip and drivers door. I'm in the Tacoma area. The parts came off of a donor car so they'll need to have the color changed. Let me know if you know someone who can help
  9. Hello everyone! I've got a 66 coupe that needs some body work. I've got a little bit of rust in the back passenger side where the top meets the body and a few small spots arround the trunk key hole. I found my car on Brad's custom auto. I guess that was where my neighbor got it painted.

    I have a big flake (3 in by 12 in) that has a small spot of rust but mostly clean sheet metal that's now exposed underneath. Is this something that should lead me away from this body shop or is this something that sometimes happens?

    And if Brad's did some shabby work is there another body shop in the Seattle area i should look into? Oh and it's Ivy Green right now but i LOVEEEEEEE the way a nice shiny black looks. How much more is it about to get it repainted a new color vice a new coat of green?
  10. I do my own paint and body take a look at my 89lx convert build thread to see my current job. Brian
  11. Zombie, it all depends on how much you are wanting done. I.E. changing paint color is all good until you open a door and have a green jamb or trunk lid under hood fire wall etc... the paint it self is fairly reasonable the prep work for a black car has to be perfect as every little nick and ding shows. Any reputable shop it will be the same rice as any other paint job. But again they better know what they are doing when it comes to the prep work. if your up north which I am assuming you are check out Wythors and see who he suggest. Another suggesttion I would make is go to your local Wesco or any autobody paint suply store and ask the delivery driver who does good work. Reason I saay the delivery driver is they are the ones that drop off all of the supplies to the local shops. The driver usually sees what kind of work is being put out of each shop. I fyou still can't find anything give me a call I will do some caling for you. Brian
  12. Some of you might remember Nick, he use to run around with us back in the day up here in the northend, he had a fox as well a a galaxy. Well, he does real nice work and has a shop in Kenmore give him a ring his number is 425-346-2550.

    God Damn, I remember when my hood came up on me. EF:eek:
  13. I remember that night :) We heard your car and then it all just went quiet :p
  14. Lol boost, corner, wet? I still can't believe the night your hood came up was the first night I hung out with you guys, lol what an introduction to the mustang community... Pretty sure that is how I knew I had found the right spot :D.
  15. hahaha, it was a very interesting night thats for sure. I was told thats when Will decided to go turbo with his car.
  16. Oh man, is Andy still around? haha

    I need sooo much body work you guys, like whole radiator support and probably all the frame forward of the strut towers.
  17. Bringing this baby back up to the top... Does anyone have suggestions for a good local paint shop? I'm looking to get a bumper cover painted.