Need Pics of 03-04 Mach 1 w/ Cobra rear spoiler

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  1. Okay, i know everyone is gonna say keep the Mach 1 stock, but I really love the 03-04 Cobra spoiler. since my car is in the body shop now, this is the perfect opportunity to get one. I located a complete 03 Cobra trunklid with the spoiler & brake light for $500 @ the wrecking yard. it seems like a good deal being that the spoiler alone goes for about $500. I need some more pics of a Mach with the spoiler to make my final decision though. If anyone has some pics please post. I remember seeing a black Mach with a Cobra spoiler & black deep dish bullits somewhere but I cant find it.
  2. check out MM&FF, i think this month, has a badass mach with a whole cobra kit, turbo, 800whp, the works. It's mean as hell. I say do it :nice:
  3. I wanna do it. But then I see the cobra spoiler from certain angles & it looks bulky, but then from other angles it looks sleek & Badass. i just cant decide. Then there is a part of me that wants to leave it stock, cuz its a Mach. But then all it has is a black GT spoiler. I did see that issue of MM&FF and that mach was sick, except i hated the graphics. it doesnt really have good angles of the spoiler though.
  4. Just found these pics in the Mach forum. this is a good angle


    this angle is questionable though. I love that bumper , if it said "Mach 1" or "Mustang".



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  5. I say it will look awesome. Cobra spoiler is probly my favorite spoiler on the 99-04's. You can shave the bumper so it says nothing, or have them splice in the Mustang from your bumper.
  6. Thats what i want to do, but I dont have the cash 4 that right now. It seems like it would be expensive to get the letters filled the right way. Can they really splice the letters from my Mach rear bumper, to a Cobra fascia? How & where, cuz that would be the sh-t!!!
  7. Mach 1 with cobra spoiler

    I just bought a cobra spoiler off ebay this week the same color as my car. Its not a mach 1 but I got the shaker. I think it is the last body mod I am doing. Here its my car now.[​IMG][/URL][/IMG][​IMG][/URL][/IMG]
  8. Beautiful car, but thats a stock GT spoiler. Or did u mean that u havent installed it yet? I like the front bumper by the way. I kinda want one too, but dont want to lose the Mach chin spoiler. I think i might do a 99 Cobra bumper 1 day.
  9. Don't worry about modding the Mach, unless your going to try selling it as a collector car down the road or something. The real beauty of the Mach 1 is under the hood, not on the trunk.
  10. thats very true!!! Plus I never plan on selling it because, A: I owe more than its worth, B: I love it too much. Plus I have already done quite a few mods, just none to the exterior other than wheels.
  11. someone needs to post up pics of that black mach with the blue accents. i would but im lazy. its hott.
  12. Please do bro!!! Thats the 1 I was talkin about. Or if your too lazy to post it, just let me know where I can find it.
  13. cobrawing5.jpg


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  14. Thanks....Thats it!!! Im gettin it 4 sure. That Black Mach is RIDICULOUS!!!! Beautiful. Pure sex. Makes me wish my FR500's were black.
  15. not to get off topic but would anyone happen to have a pic of a cobra wing molded to the trunklid??? that would be so cool looking