Need pictures of spoilers for 94-98 Stangs! Boss and s-281 I prefer!

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  1. I have been messing witht he search for quite sometime and cant find no good pics of the boss rear spoiler!!! I have the SR and sick of seeing it everywhere.... A few have the s-351... So I want boss or 281... Or others would be nice to see! Sorry best pic i have of my car... DIRTY!!!!!!
  2. Help??? I know people got some pics of these two spoilers! Anything but a stock spoiler!!! Help me out!!!
  3. The boss spoiler looks like a cheap ripoff of the 281 spoiler :notnice: and the real 281 looks bad ass :nice: have you looked at saleen's site yet :shrug: They've got pretty good pics.

    Also, don't use double negatives. :nono:
  4. Sorry mother bout the spelling... I thought the boss looked a little better.... Sorry! I want some pics of it from the back!
  5. I have the boss (smaller boss, there are two versions) on my V6, i kinda hate it but it only cost 50 bucks, now i wish i had left the trunk bare and put the $ towards dual exhaust or gears for the cobra.

    Edit.. sorry, wrong link the first time
  6. saleen wing

    here's the shinoda superspoiler for a mere $380!

  7. Yeah I want the 15 inch one or whatever... Looks similiar to the 281... Jus no good pics of it from the back. I dont like the way the s-281 looks like from the back but other angles is nice!
  8. here's teh 281


    i'm gonna go look for a better pic.
  9. dammit wrong picture, gotta find the right one :mad:
  10. Shinoda spoiler!!!!! :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: Looks incredible! Is the s281 that far out? Anyone got a s-281 pic like that? Need a rear pic of the boss!
  11. Anyone have any idea how far this one sticks out from behind???
  12. thats aweful :(
  13. I like the design... But I dont want to weld my old holes and I dont want a spoiler i can walk into when walking around my car.... :mad:
  14. Some of those look decent - some are gay. :)
  15. There needs to be pictures of these things from every angle... Manufacturers should look into that...
  16. Ok, now that's just wrong. What did the poor Mustang ever do to deserve that?
  17. its been diseased, now it has to be taken out into the yard and shot :(
  18. just another stang lost in an identity crisis :(

  19. :shrug: I kinda like it...