Need pictures of spoilers for 94-98 Stangs! Boss and s-281 I prefer!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by MoNsTaMaCk24, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. Shinoda spoiler makes me wanna :puke: :nonono:
  2. Shinoda is real similiar to s-281... soes the saleen one make u barf too??? Dont tell me what u think of black widow for god sakes!
  3. I love that boss wing...Gonna have to get that for my new car...
  4. Isnt that s-281 spoiler??? Looks real good tho! Nice looking car!
  5. looks like it to me :nice:
  6. Yes that is the S281 Spoiler. And thanks for the compliments, although as soon as my car gets out of the body shop I am going to sell it.
  7. another s281, from the back:

    <img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p>
  8. I like the s-281 wing the best because it doesn't stick out to far but yet isn't too little.
  9. I like the color of that stang!!! I think it looks great from behind!!! Kept V6 rear nice sleeper!!!

  10. ,lol...thanks...I didn't want to put gt emblems on my car, becaust it is not a is an old v6 with a gt engine...kept the ponies on the side too...just put a v8 logo around them...

  11. what rear end is that?

  12. it is the stock rear bumper with the wings west rear bumper is also what roush now sells as their "updated" style....
  13. This is not mine, but it's what it would look like with an S281, blacked out lights and Magnaflow catback. :) IMO, on SN95s the S281 is perfect on our cars. They spoilers extend the lines perfect and add to the overall look of the car.
  14. Oh yeah. I found this place a while back for a "Boss Style" wing. It looks from the pics as if the spoiler is laying down a bit more than the S281. One bonus with this place is that you can order it painted factory colors for only 70 bucks more. Kind of cool to be able to order a body part, get it in the mail and just bolt it on.
  15. I have an s-281

    I used to have an sr on but got sick of it and it is now sitting in my house..somebody told me it looked like a book shelf and ever since then when I looked at it I thought so and hated it..:)

    I like the griggs wing now tho..if I was to get my first wing for these cars I would get that one.
  16. got any pics of the SR wing?
  17. where can i find a t one race wing
  18. um, maybe do an internet search, ive never even heard of that, any other names for it