Need quick help from computer, Tweecer pros.

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  1. I'm currently using the stock maf and injectors. How can I run a Pro-M 75mm maf calibrated for 24lbers but use 19lb injectors and not the 24lbers. I saw the different maf files in the MAF folder. I see "PROM_19" and "PROM_24". I'm confused on these, can they be used for my 75mm meter? They make different size meters don't they and they would have a different file for each size I would think? :shrug:

    2. Do I need to change the injector slopes or anything (right now I have the ones for the stock 19lbers....stock A9L calibration)

    3. Any help with what exactly I'm going to have to do would be what MAF file I will have to use and anything else I have to do. :D ....and then what I will need to do when I do put in the 24lb injectors with the 75mm meter (just run stock maf file and let the calibration in the meter take care of it or configure something myself:shrug: ) if I do have to, do I need to do something with the injector slopes?

    I've heard when you have bigger heads, cam, intake, tb to set both high and low injector slopes the same number as the lb. injector it is. Should I do this?

    Thanks! Sean
  2. If you aren't sure of the MAF Transfer file, then contact PMAS. They should be able to get you a file that will be fairly close.

    You don't need to change the injector slopes if you are running the stock injectors.

    When you install the 24's, you will need to modify the injector slopes. The tweecer manual has some numbers to get you close for the high & low.

    You have moved into the realm of custom tuning. You don't have to depend on 'calibrated' MAF meters anymore :nice:

    I've heard the theories on setting the high and low slopes the same as well, but in my experience they will be different.
    The variable in there is the injector breakpoint...
    Start with the values in the tweecer manual :nice:

    Hope that helps,
    good luck,
  3. Thanks, anybody know the PMAS website or happen to have the Pro-m 75mm maf transfer file? Thanks, Sean
  4. I may have some better transfers in an excel file on my site. Not sure what page though.
    If you can't find them, let me know, and I can post a zip file or a link when I get home (I can't access my site from work).

    here is the pmas site...

  5. I couldn't find it on your site, I'll wait till you can get back home. Thanks! Sean
  6. I had to load the file to my site, but is is here now...
    Go down to the section titled 'MAF Transfers'

    Or this should take you directly to the file...

    Hope that helps,

    Actually, it looks like that is the same info you already have...
    If that is the case then my only suggestion is to contact PMAS directly at....
  7. Sorry for the late reply, I got to where all the maf transfer tables are (on Your site and PMAS site) BUT all I keep getting is the "What do you want to do?...Use the Webservice to find the appropriate program...or...Select the program from a list"

    I don't have Microsoft Excel so I can't see it, I tried to open it in some other programs but everything just came up as jiberish. Could you send me the file to my email or Pm it to me, just some way I can see it in and is the easiest for you. It would GREATLY appreciated! Thanks for all the help! Sean
  8. Sorry Sean, I have been meaning to find a way of dealing with this, but haven't found anything that would be easy for both me and the user....

    Shoot me a pm with an email address to contact you.
    I'll get the info to you somehow...
    Even if I have to take a pic and send it as a jpeg.

    Do you have Microsoft Word?

  9. Thanks alot, I appreciate it. I'll PM you my email. I do have Notepad and Wordpad, but not Word. Thanks again, Sean