need roll cage pics

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  1. alright im thinking about getting a roll cage since i can get it put in for free...but i want to see how its gonna fit on the sides by the doors. i was looking at my car today and couldnt figure out how it was gonna fit with the armrests in there. i hope i dont have to take them out but if i have to i will. thanks
  2. There shouldn't be any probs with your arm rest. Door closes just fine. Hope these pics help.
  3. cool, thanks. i see how it goes now
  4. you shouldn't have any problems with the door bars clearing. It will be tight, but it works.


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  5. damn man, thats a tight close were the side bolsters of the seats to the door panels before the cage was put in?

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  6. I'm not sure, but it's all pretty damn tight.
  7. sweet...i cant wait
  8. yea, reason i ask is because if i put in a 6pt in the future, i only have about 1" between the bolster and the door panel on the drivers side, and about .5" on the pass side...