Need Some 5.0 Input...........

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by NiteMareGT, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Hey guys.........does anyone know what might make a 5.0 liter H.O. HARD to crank, but once it's cranked, you can cut it off and crank it again very easily. It's the first initial cranking that is difficult. Any ideas or suggestions?? Thanks a bunch.......
  2. I know after i had my timing bump up it made the car real hard to crank over. Is the timing bump?
  3. I really don't know......There's a used car dealer down the street with this car in his garage. (IT'S SHARP) Anyway, he was asking me about it and I told him I would find out something about it and try to fix it for him if I could. There have been some mods, but I don't know if the timing has been advanced or not. What would be a good way to tell....anymore ideas from everyone would be appreciated !!

    BTW......remember that it's only hard to crank on the 1st initial start at cold. But after you crank it the first time, it'll crank easily from then on. Fuel pump going maybe? I wouldn't think it would be this since after the first time it cranks and runs very well. Come on guys, I know someone can crack this !!

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  4. A battery that is having a problem holding a charge.

  5. No, she is turning over just fine, not a battery issue. Thanx anyway! Another suggestion ?
  6. Use a timing light to check the timing. I run 15* on my car and it cranks over easy hot or cold. And its new motor. How old is the battery? Is it cold where you live?
    Check all your connections and your grounds. Also check your starter and make sure all your wires are tight and properly grounded. If that all checks out. Get a shop to do a load test on your battery.

  7. As I stated above (which you posted prior to seeing) it isn't a charging, battery turns over with good hard revolutions. It just doesn't seem to wanna fire, or the fuel pressure is low, or something along those lines. It can't be either of these i-m-o, because it runs too well after she's cranked. I'm inclined to follow the earlier post on the timing issue maybe.

    Thanks, for the input from you guys.......all is welcome !!
  8. thats a fuel pump problem...

    im sure if you prime the pump b4 the initial start (crank key to "on" position a couple times B4 you try and start it) it will start will right up... this sometimes happens when you upgrade the pump.
  9. Nitemaregt----you originally posted that it cranked hard. I assumed you meant didnt want to roll over. But now you say it dosnt want to fire thats a different story. My mistake i was mixed up. I agree with 2muchpsi4u. Its likely a fuel pump problem. Hows your idle. I had a problem a few years ago. My car was doing the same thing. It turned out to be a head gasket. I know it sounds craxy but thats what it was.
  10. same thing as those 2 above me said, fuel pump...once you said that it cranks fine but doesnt fire right away thats what did it. my SHO is doing that so i forsee a fuel pump job in that...when the key is turned on, does the fuel pump have a really high pitched sound, a sound that you can hear over the idle of the car? my friend's 88 sounded like it was screaming just hours before it went.
  11. When you turn the key to the "ON" position, but not crank the car, you can hear the pump whine, as if it's pumping. But it takes about 10 - 15 attempts, to get the car to crank. But after you get it to crank, it idles and revs fine. I don't understand how it can idle and rev fine, but be so hard to crank initially. Usually a a failing fuel pump will affect it at all aspects of the ignition process, not just at first crank. I'll check it out though. I'll pull the fuel line at the engine and turn it over to see if it sprays.
  12. Possibly change the plugs, cap, and rotor...could be a spark issue. Maybe a plug or two is fouled a bit.
  13. maybe Im mistaken but I thought all electric fuel pumps cut off when there is no oil pressure in case of a accendent to keep from pumping all the fuel out a hole somewhere, so just turning the key on should energize the pump but not create pressure?
  14. Sounds like fuel pressure regulator or fuel pump. System pressure is leaking down after the car is shut off, so there is no fuel pressure for a cold start. Does the car seem to be over rich(black ehaust) on cold start, if so , injectors could be leaking. System Must rebuild pressure before engine will start

    Let the car sit overnite, then check the fuel port for pressure in the morning. Best way is to get a fuel pressure checking tool(guage) from the parts store. I trink I paid less than 30.00 for mine. Alot safer than opening the system. Also, fuel flow does not mean fuel pressure.