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  1. Was traveling down the road about 45mph only about a mile from my house. Had been running errands all day so stang was good and warm. It shut off and then wouldnt start. Wouldnt even turn over once. Towed it home and a few hours later just for s&g I decide to try and crank it. Fired right up and purring. Getting confused I let it run and get warm about 10 mins. Take off burning rubber and no problems. I decide to go for a spin. Got about 12 miles from my house and it shut off again this time doing 60mph. Wouldnt crank. Towed home again. Now firing right back up. Any ideas about where to start. I have some mechanic experience and would like to do the work myself. She is a 2001 GT with approx. 180k miles. And dont tell me to junk it cuz it aint happenin.
  2. IMO it's either,
    old crankshaft sensor, old alternator, bad ground to the block/body, bad cell in the battery..
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  3. Pretty confident its not an alternator or bad battery, if it was it wouldn't start again. No codes?
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  4. My "stab in the dark" is fuel pump. Gets really hot when low on fuel and plus it had time to cool and recover. You need some diagnostics to rule out any number of reasons though.
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  5. Thanks to you all for giving me a place to start. Thought maybe electric or fuel. No codes.
  6. + 1 on the fuel pump. Most people start with suggestions for alt or battery because it is a common part that fails with these symptoms. Fuel pumps usually just die, but if one is going bad it could run the car no prob but when it warms up the symptoms start. In this situation, and after the battery and alt have been properley tested and ruled out you can use a fuel pressure gauge tester to check the operation.
  7. when you say it wouldn't crank... Do you mean that it won't turn over at all? Does the solenoid "click"?
  8. New update: Cranked up again and let it run until warm. I was sitting in it listening for any noise and there is a slight ticking barely audible over engine noise. I immediately looked at oil gauge and it was reading 0. Stang was warm and idling. Prob oil pump I would figure. Sound right?
  9. Sounds like you just need to add oil.
  10. It is full. Just changed it about a month ago. I did check that to make sure not leaking.

  11. You still didn't answer the question above.
  12. I think its obvious its not the solenoid.
  13. Didn't ask if it were the solenoid.

    In your initial post you said that it wouldn't turn over. Did you mean that it won't crank... at all, or do you mean that it won't start?
  14. How loud is the "tick" you speak of. Oiling system could be working fine but the sending unit to the gauge could be bad causing the oil gauge not to read at all. Sounds like you have two issues here. Does the car start on a cold engine 100% of the time you try? I so I would figure out the oil guage issue first as its not the first time someone one here thought they had a serious engine issue and did not

    Answering Noobz questions would help us a lot
  15. I think the pcm will shut it down if there is no oil pressure ( not entirely sure on that year but the newer ones do) but that could also be a bad gauge causing the problem. Is it the original light or is it an aftermarket gauge? Its kind of hard to imagine the oil pump working intermittently. If its a bad gauge you are right back to a possible electrical issue. If its the stock gauge put a manual gauge on there and test it.
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  16. PCM WILL NOT shut down the engine for lack of oil pressure (fried an engine when fuel pump failed)
  17. first thing i would check is the ecu relay

    when she dies does the CEL come on when u turn on the key?

    also a shorted maf sensor might cause the issues your having
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