Engine Need some advice on a build

JD’s Red Stang

New Member
Jun 2, 2021
Hello all, I am new to this forum. I recently bought a 98 GT. I know it has less horsepower than the 99 however I bought it because that body has some nostalgia for me. Anyways, from my understanding is you can’t put forced induction into these motors after a PI swap. If I were to do the PI swap would a good p&p help lower the compression enough or would I need to find a machine shop and get some more bowl work done? Also what can these bottoms ends safely handle? The car only has 51k on it and I’m looking to have a finished product of around 325-375 at the wheels. So I’m trying to figure out a good blueprint for doing that. Piece by piece is fine with me as I don’t have the money for all at once. So a long term build suits me fine.
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