Need Some Advice On Turbo.

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  1. Hello guys I'm purty dead set on getting a turbo preferably twin. My only dilemma is that I can't find a good set of headers. I have pondered on just flipping over my stock ones and fabricating flanges and what not.

    Either way I'm looking for some good input and ideas maybe some things other people have done.

    What I have right now as far as parts are;
    MMR 900 4.75SE 9.5:1 CR
    MMR stage 3 turbo cams.
    Ford racing oil pump and billet oil pump gears
    Stock heads aside from the springs. Valves are of stock making but they are new
    Ford racing 39lb injectors.

    The block itself will holdup to 900rwhp

    Please give me some input thanks guys.
  2. On3Performanceuses the stock manifolds for their kit, but they are not forward-facing.
  3. You'll definitely need to step up to 60lb injectors too.
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  4. Ok I'll look at it again. Do you know how the hot side is run to both of the turbos? Or is that kinda thing a personal preference? Also where do they have the turbos setting?

    As far as the fuel system I'm looking to get either 60s or 75s just so I can keep my stock connectors. As well as a 465lph fuel pump.
    I already have the fuel rails.

    Just so we clarify what my goals are. I want to have a twin turbo setup and have about 750-800rwhp.
  5. If you get the On3 kit, pay for the ball bearing upgrade. Therthan tht, they have a nice kit for the price. I am actually going to use the 76mm kit on my race car when I get to that point.
  6. Thanks for suggestion bud but I already have a turbo kit picked out. Right now I'm just looking for ideas on placement and routing of the hot side, upgrades, oil lines, vacuum lines. Just the ins and outs of it and things that people have done to make them work.
  7. Hey man I looked at that On3 kit again and I changed my mind and I am going to go with the 76mm ball bearing kit. Is there anything else you might know about it that they don't mention on their site?
  8. You can call them. The new owner is super nice and more than willing to take as much time as you need on the phone.

    Just make sure you have a tubular k member, other than that you should be good with the right fuel supporting mods.