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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by jdeefus, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. hi all! i currently own an '05 'stang and I'm looking at a '74 Ghia just for kicks. I know these years were not the most popular, but I really like the look of this car and with a little tlc, I think it could be a fun ride. My question is for all the 'stang II fans. How difficult is it to secure parts for this year of car? The one I'm looking at is going to need a hood and some overall body work. Also, it needs a new roof as the old vinyl needs replaced, as well as some missing emblems. The interior needs a little help too. It has 50K orginal miles and the asking price is 2K or best offer. Any input here? Is that a fair asking price for a car that is solid, but needs quite a bit of work?

  2. If its a V8 car and is basically solid and driveable, then yeah, its a $2K car. There's actually a guy in PA who recently joined the forums over at with a good supply of parts,

    Its often hard to find anything NOW for the II, but there's a HUGE network of II fans, and we're usually more than happy to help out a fellow II enthusiast. I'd offer up some of my own collection, but shipping from the west coast of Canada would just kill you...

    The vinyl top is pretty basic. Any auto upholstery shop can replace the top, and bodywork is bodywork.

    Make sure the floorpan is solid and the inner fenders are not perforated (common rust areas).
  3. Thanks for the input. The car is a V6, not an 8. I haven't had a chance to get inside of it yet, I just looked at the outside.
  4. The 1974 model is a little more unique than the 75-78 years. The hood and front fascia were changed for all models in '75 to accomodate the V8, which was not an option in '74. That will make finding those parts potentially more challenging. On the plus side of that, '74 parts, when available, tend to be cheaper as they are less in demand. The later V8 cars are the more desired and more frequently restored.

    Aside from that, while it can be a little challenging to find specific parts for a II, it's certainly not impossible, and there is an excellent network of II fanatics. eBay is also a frequent source for more common parts. Good luck!
  5. Kinda funny...since my last post, I helped my buddy buy a 74 Ghia....

    It's a project that a guy was supposed to be building with his daughter, but he suddenly clued in that it meant HIM building the car for her, and he's not a II lover, so it was up for sale.

    Originally a V6 car, 74 Ghia, dark ginger metallic with deluxe light tan trim. Engine pulled and tossed, but with a refreshed 87 roller engine on a stand included.

    Because this one is not going to be a performance car (currently considering pink paint and a removable hard top), we already have a 2.8 ready to drop right in, leaving the fresh roller 5.0 for one of the next builds.

    It not that there's anything wrong with the just isn't the powerhouse that a smallblock 8 is (at least stock)
  6. I would say go for it if you like the car :nice:. If you look long enough and hard enough any part can be found and using the net most of the time its not that long or hard.
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