Need some Drag Slicks Advice...

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  1. I got an 89 GT 5.0. I'm using nitrous and last time I got dynoed I made 311rwhp and 470torque. I used drag radials last leason and even when I heated them up they still broke loose like crazy when using nitrous out of the hole. The lowest 60' I got was a 2.0 and ran a 12.8 @ 108. Other than nitrous, heads, intake, and exhaust the car is bone stock along with a bone stock suspension...

    What I want is traction with nitrous out of the hole. I was thinking of getting some 10 holes and m/t ET Drag Slicks or m/t ET Street Tires. I don't go to the event to really compete with anyone but I still don't want to be in any crazy fast class.

    What should I do or get? Can you run Drag Slicks with a stock rear end? What do I need to know about using drag slicks when drag racing?

    Thanks for any input!
  2. I cant see your combo, but at an NMRA event with the nirous you will have to be in Real Street (as long as you have a stock cam). If the cam is not stock, you would have to be in Renegade, and either class will be 10s or better.

    As for the slicks, yes you can run them on a stock rear, but you stand a good chance to blow it up. A good locker and axles will help. And for your 60' issues, only tires and susoension can help drastically. Also what gear are you running, that could cause the traction issues.

    Get a driveshaft safety loop, and the rear end parts, as well as slicks and suspension and you should hook the slicks with the nitrous.
  3. Tires ARENT Magic!! Do the suspension!! get the front coming up and the rear hooking!! 500 HP isnt worth a crap on a 2.0 60 ft!! The slicks need help!! Or hit the button AFTER the car is moving!! I would stop spending and modifying the Front of the engine and go to the suspension!! for about 1200.00 ( max) you can be pulling the 60 fts on the rear tires!! 1.2s and 1.3s are really do able in the mustang...Get the hook!! ( ever sea Fox on the rear bumper... an only run low 12s!! now THAT is hooking!!

    Just me.....................

  4. 25thmustang -
    The cam is stock and stock gears 2.73's... Oh and my setup is just 100 shot, heads, inake, and exhaust...

    thumper460 -
    My tires spin in 2 gear too and it's a full throttle switch (TPS), so hitting it after Im moving never helps or works;). I've been done working on the engine since I bought your heads and got everything tuned. I need to save up $1,200 bucks! 1.2's 1.3's would be sick! Would that get the front end off the ground?

    Thanks guys...
  5. OMG... still the 2.73s?? I would have thought you would have changed them by now.... you gotta tell us how 185 MPH feels!! LOL yeah get gears, and the suspension mods will pull the FE!! and I know for a fact the Va troopers HATE that!! LOL

    Just me......................

  6. Hi,I was reading your posts,your car sounds AWSOME,I bought a 93 lx--aod last Sept.Stock 2.73,It would even spin a little off the line.Then I bought a PI torque converter,and the car just sat there and smoked them off the line!!(no ****) Then last Tues. I had 3.73's installed.Youd think it would be worse now.Nope,see the 2.73's just sat there and smoked them because it wasnt pulling,they still smoke but the car is pulling so much now so the car just doesnt sit still and smoke.I dont know if that makes sense to ya,but gears will help you out tremendously!!
  7. VA State troopers hate everyone. :shrug: Even other cops. :nonono: