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Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by GreatWhite, May 14, 2007.

  1. ...but my '93 Saturn is having some front end trouble. haha

    It seems like the brakes aren't disengaging completely on my right front. In reverse, it will stay locked up and drag until I give it considerable. In drive, it will start spinning but I can hear something rubbing.

    After taking the wheel off, I can't see any real distinct grooves being cut into the rotor, but there is ALOT of gunk all over the inside of the wheel as well as behind the caliper.

    My brake fluid levels are fine and this just started happening like this week. Any ideas? Thanks for reading.

  2. Did you check your ebrake? Maybe it locked into place. You can still drive with it on, it just sucks and ruins your brakes and such. I've had mine lock into place after I set it once and had to tap on it with a hammer to get it loose again. Just a thought.:shrug:
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  4. Had that happen on a truck.
    Turned out to be a bad rubber brake line.
    Pushing the brake pedal puts a lot of force on the fluid and forced it through the
    brake line, but it acted like a one way valve and wouldn't release the pressure .
  5. Stuck caliper?

    If it's seized, try giving it a good cleansing to see if a "bath" of cleaner helps it move freely. Else, the caliper might just be shot.
  6. Compare how easily the dragging wheel spins compared to the other side by turning it by hand. If it's difficult to turn, loosen the bleeder screw. If the wheel turns freely after relieving the pressure in the caliper, the caliper is alright it is probably the brake hose.

    If loosening the bleeder screw does not let the wheel turn freely, check the caliper. It may be a seized piston or the mounting hardware is not allowing the caliper to release the pad (assuming the Saturn uses a typical single piston floating design.) If the thickness of the pads are mismatched (the outer pad is worn more than the inner pad) the caliper hardware is the most likely cause.

    If it is none of these it can get real entertaining. Let us know what you find. :)