Need some help guys, speedo problems!!!

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  1. Well my speedo, cruise control, and odometer quit working. I thought it was the speedo gear, cause it got chewed up before, I changed it and everything was fine. So I check it and its perfectly fine. I then believe its the vss sensor, so I go to Ford and get a brand new vss sensor and throw it in and that dosent work either. Now what?? What else would cause all of these thing to go bad?? I dont think its the speedo motor cause that wouldnt cause all of these things to go bad, would it?? Any light that could possibly be shed on this would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!!
  2. does your tach work? I think its jsut a fuse man, can't remember the position but its in the car and I think its 15amps (red).
  3. Yes the tach works and all the other gauges work, just the speedometer, odometer, trip meter, and cruise control dont work. Ever since this happened the car idles really low and fluctuates and even stalls sometimes. :shrug:
  4. Check the electronic speed sensor that is located on the side of your transmission. seeming that the rest of your gauges work (and the speedometer on our cars IS electronic NOT mechanical).. could be a bad sensor reading..

    Its connected twards the back of the transmission, on the drivers side. You'll see a couple of wires and a small plug looking thing..

    It could also be that the spedometer plate (thats what I call it) lost connection with a few pins behind it. If you have ever taken the dash of your stang apart.. you'll see that the gauge faces are actually devided into 3 sections. The water temp and Fuel level are one of them. The spedometer, odometer and trip-meter are another.. and finally you have the oil pressure and voltage gauges on the last.

    Behind them is a circuit board that they connect to using a few small pins that pertrude from behind the gauges faces.

    You dont have to worry about being SUPER carefull with them.. the pins are fairly robust. Just dont take a hammer to them.. heh

    Anyway, there's some ideas for ya. Hope this helps.

    By they way, to get to the gauges, you have to remove the headlight switch.. wich can be a pain if you dont know how to do it.

    There is a small metal tab inside of the switch housing.. rotate the knob until you see the small opening in the side.. then lightly pry the metal tab outward.. the knob should then pop right off.

    good luck dude!! :) :nice:
  5. Yeah, I agree with Nosfurato that it is a strong posibility but I did have a fuse blow and it was exactly what your describing (incidentally, it blew when I was removing or re-installing my guages like Nos is describing). Good luck.
  6. I did change the vehicle speed sensor (vss sensor) and it did nothing. I'll check my fuses and see what that tells me. Thanks guys and keep the ideas coming!!
  7. Try looking up my post under the 5.0 mustang tech forum. I had the same problem, but mine was just a disconnected vss.
    Somebody in there told me how to check the vss and the power coming into the wire...try looking it up.
  8. 110% sure that it's a fuse.
    i had the exact same problem. gauges and tach were the only things working. Spedo, odo....everything else gone...even my dash turn signal arrows (but not for the hazards :shrug: ) interior lights too...Check out the fuses below the dash with a test light. You'll find your problem.
  9. what was the deal here? Is it fixed? Did you find the fuse?
  10. I have a '94 Cobra with the same exact problem. I have replaced the VSS, checked all of the fuses, and checked all cable connections. Any more suggestions?