Mach 1 Need Some help with Decals

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  1. Recently my factory stripes are starting to bubble and come loose,I eant to replace them and have come across a couple sites with them.I was wondering if anyone might know how good they might be.

    Black Mustang Mach 1 Hood Decal at - Free Shipping!

    * Graphic Express - 2003-2004 Mach 1 Hood Stripes - Mach 1 Series

    I have some of the extra striping that the 2nd site sells and they are still in great shape,but they were on the car when I got it so Im not sure where they came from.

    Im kinda looking at the AM ones,I havnt come across anything bad about them.

    Anyone know anything at all about the quality?
  2. I've got a spare hood decal from Graphics Expres. Myself, I would'nt buy anything from American Muscle. Their 1:18 scale Mach 1 model is bogus, they sell two different chin spoilers and of course they send you the crappy shiny one, and who frickin' knows what decal package they'll send you. Their are two different rocker panel stripes being sold by companies also. One fades out at the end of the stripe like the factory stock, and another being made stays a solid black all the way to the end of the stripe.
  3. Thx for the info.
    kinda figured that.I don't have much experience at all with AM,and the small bit I do....well wasnt that great in customer service.

    So the Graphics Expres is the way to go?
  4. Well, after looking at both sites you've got positives and negatives on both sides. The AM hood stripe kit is only $30, but in one of the review comments a guy says it's missing the upper small hood stripe by the window cowl. Whether they sell it that way or it was just missing, who knows. Graphics Express sells the whole factory hood stripe and it's $79. N770-S5-MBK is the one you want if you want the plain factory matte black, and not any of that other "Ram Air", "Shaker", or "281" crap on the hood. Graphics Express sells the rocker stripes also, but it's one of those companies that sells the solid black stripe and not the factory fading stripe. Depends how correct you want it. Not sure what company sells the fading stripe.
  5. Thx again.
    From what i can tell it was just him missing it.Everywhere else it seems its the entire kit.

    I dont really care for the extra 281 stuff but mine already had it on there and have just left it that way,for now.

    As for the rockers,mine were already replaced last year.
  6. I did some looking around for the rocker stripes and those are expensive! $75 per side from either Ford or Ebay. I did a search on M1R and they were saying Ford and Ebay are really the only places to get the fading stripe factory ones.
  7. Yeah thats about right,I know mine were around that much from Ford.
  8. I got my hood decals from AM, I received both parts of the hood decal in mine. I'm ocd so it took me forever to line it up properly, plus i noticed the sizes are slightly off, but that could be due to my old vinyl shrinking in the Texas sun. I also didn't think it would be so glossy black, but its a good cheap replacement. Its held on through a few car washes, which is why i had to replace it in the 1st place.

    oh and remember to use allot of soapy water when applying them, don't panic as it will slide around allot until you squeegee enough of the water and soap out to stick.

    Now i'm like you, trying to hunt down side replacements.
  9. Thx for that info. So they are a bit more glossy than stock?